A Far Echo

Episode 1.1 - Introducing the Crew



  • PC’s were introduced roughly. Tweaks will be made for this as we hodgepodged all the character stuff together.
  • Slavers were introduced, but no names were given. No one introduced themselves to you pretty much the entire session. This was to reflect how meaningless you all are.
  • You found out that the people who run the small city and spaceport have been keeping fresh water locked up without the general citizenry’s knowledge.
  • You went through general Health Inspections, Labor Inspections, Finance explanations for being a slave. Outlook not so good.
  • You witnessed a Y-Wing starfighter land on the Formos Star-Port. Your main slaver seemed annoyed or concerned.

Discoveries, EXP & Loot

  • 5 EXP for the great RP. I know we did not do much but it seemed like you guys were in good character. Please keep that pretty consistent, it was awesome!
  • Bril’Han discovered a circuit chip worth roughly 700 credits. It’s hidden in his shoe. Will it be safe from discovery there?
  • The turbine in the center of the town is used to spin the filtration system buried beneath the cold sands. It seems to be broken however, as silt/dirt is seeping into the reserves.
  • There is an old broken star-port on the north side of town. Remnants of the old port is scattered all around with heaps of junk and busted rusted parts.
  • The town seems to have an ample amount of junk peppered across the area – perhaps there is more?
  • The Slavers, despite the town being a shit hole, seem to have a good grasp on slavery. From documenting your health in data pads all the way to even paying you… even if it’s shit pay.
  • The Slavers also seem to have a bit of technology. Droids are used to help in the mining structures and they have enough credits to afford some doors with electronic passkeys.

Misc / Other

  • I will be posting a small character questionnaire to fill out. I know it’s Thursday, but try to have it completed. It will only be minor questions. I will post this soon.


DavidGM Jessyx

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