A Far Echo

Episode 1.3 - Sunday the 11th - Fire it up, Fire it up!


  • You made it to Nar Shaddaa
  • You encounter a junkie who kept you in his den for a few weeks
  • You did some bad things with Edaara and shook down some innocents.
  • You got your first job and are now under the employ of Sytek Industries (Goottaa the Hutt)
  • Your first job is to do some gun-running. 3200 Patrol grade Blaster Carbines. 1 Box holds 12 carbines. 1 box = 130 lbs. 1 Planetary Cargo truck can hold 32 boxes.
  • You have Sytek false ID’s
  • You all should be Sytek consultants due to the length of time you have lived. This does not give you a good feeling towards being employed by these guys.
  • You are no longer slaves as your title has changed.
  • You met Goottaa’s personal AI. System 6 or “Six”.
  • You have earned a new party member. A droid who was working for the junkie keeper and is now in a ownership predicament.

Loot & EXP

  • Jessy found 5cr in a pocket
  • 10 EXP to all for the session
  • +5 EXP to Cody for some solid Droid RP that stood out to me as being pretty good.
  • Loot crates for the ship will be posted soon for completing the kickstarter project we did.


  • You met a Nautolon with some goons when shaking down a target for Ed. The man was not impressed with your negotiation skills and warned you about coming back around.
  • You watched the patrol ships of Nar Shaddaa come down, pretty much watch a man die for not completing their deal.
  • You witnessed a smuggler/rogue type girl who effortlessly jumped off the Sector21 mall building. The patrol crafts went in pursuit.

Notes – Now that we are getting a better grasp on the system, lets try to stay more in character and get more involved with the scenes. I felt over all the session was decent. It laid a lot of good groundwork for the story. I promise I wont do anymore “clearance/registration” RP (as much as I like that type of stuff. I realize it was boring. Next session Jakkar and Cen will be moved to start assisting with the preparation of the ship so they will no longer be with you guys. Let’s start interpreting the dice together and making our actions go smoother and snappier instead of me coming up with stuff 100%. The key to this system is all of us doing it to make spontaneous and interesting events happen. I want to see what you guys can come up with when interpreting the dice just like I do.

Next Session Preview

  • Gun running and fighting! We did our first combat with Cody/Jess. Combat is brutal in this game which makes it exciting. You guys will go through the Sector21 plate-ways to deliver your goods on time. I will have some random events that may happen on the journey there that will cause problems before you hit the dreaded Sec21 check point. Hope you guys have a game plan, after all; you’re the professionals ;)



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