A Far Echo

Episode 1.4 - Saturday - Ground work for a fresh start

Ah c'mon!


  • You betrayed your employer and got sacked on the very first job.
  • You’re now not even allowed to talk to your employer now because you fucked up so hard.
  • Your employer gave you a thank you for betraying him by cutting B-han’s arm off.
  • You’re all lucky to be alive for being such shit criminals, :P
  • You now work with low end scum and in the twi’fuck sex business.
  • You sleep in a single room with each other, cluttered together listening to the loud thump of the club music.
  • Club attracts bounders, Schmouny Hunters and Diggles. ___
  • You were given a job which i rushed through and will be making an extra post about as I rushed the ideas. They will be presented in better light and not towards the end of the night and gives Cody a chance to read this.

Loot & Exp

10 EXP for the session.

I will be writing up some practice exercises to help with the dice interpretation. These will be optional.


DavidGM DavidGM

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