A Far Echo

Episode 1.5 and 1.6 - Trouble a'brewin

Fire it up.


  • The investigation went terribly.
  • Bril’han made a enemy of a child.
  • After showing the murder case/video to Ed, he spilled the beans on the COMPNOR Box.
  • Turns out that COMPNOR is something important for the New Order.
  • COMPNOR box was ripped off by the Black Sun and was asked to be smuggled in by Ed and his goons.
  • Ed was late on the shipment, so the Blacksun killed one of his girls. As a counter-attack Ed was planning on taking all the girls, selling the boxes and paying Gootaa off. He needed some skillful soldiers in the mix so he planned on bringing you guys. You guys agreed to it, but still did not know that 3PX was recording everything as a Gootaa spy.
  • Sius, a new NPC was introduced. He surrounded the place as the live recording caused Gootaa to send reinforcements to secure the COMPNOR boxes.
  • Sius was there to deliver a message and get the boxes back.
  • Corruption spread to the corruptible and everyone lied to the Black Sun and Gootaa by faking Ed’s death. His death was required to move on from the scene but Gootaa wanted the PC’s to handle the kill. With subtlety, 3PX switched his blaster to stun and mocked Ed’s death. Sius didn’t buy it but they all decided to play along to appease Gootaa. Sius, allegedy belonging to the Black Sun :P, decided it would be better to take the loss and minimally get his boxes returned. The faces of everyone agreed to the silence and let Ed live.
  • Poor Gootaa felt betrayed. His children stabbed him in the heart so he decided to lay out a punishment, but not before giving them a new task; the Heist.
  • The Heist details and map drawing will be posted later so Geran can see. A plan needs to be discussed and be ready for next Saturday! :D
  • You guys walked around, met some NPC’s at the bazaar/mall/market/shopping area. You met a new race; the Zheltrus who are weird as shit.

Loot & EXP

  • 10 EXP for Episode 1.5 and 10 EXP for 1.6. the initial 10 was already claimed by everyone except Geran.
  • 5 extra EXP for a very awesome/solid idea for Cody with the fake blaster idea.
  • 2 EXP Mandalauriann and Jess for some great strides in RP last night.

Performance Evaluation

  • I thought last night session was fun. I could see you guys were trying about the initial discussion. I do apologize if it seems like I’m harping, i’m not! I thought you guys all did very well and we had some cool scenes. Hopefully we get some cool plans from everyone for the Heist. Start discussing it with each other asap, maybe get a email string going or open a forum post here on the site…google talk conference, etc. I will be posting the Heist map (both floors) as well as some extra details to help you guys break in and get this object Gootaa wants.


What is this initial 10 xp I missed?

DavidGM DavidGM

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