A Far Echo

Episode 1.7 - We made it

"...A group that will not turn the tides of the smuggling industry and bring about an age of maimed pirates."

Kidding kidding…


  • The Heist went off without a hitch! right?
  • Jenora beat the shit out of a cop
  • Jenora is still a rat
  • Jenora lost an eye.
  • Bri’han sliced into a bank
  • Bri’han had a hack off.
  • 3PX worked a drill
  • 3PX tried to act like a stupid droid.
  • Vargas learned the ways of the criminal organization
  • Vargas unlocked Kajidic dirt respect.
  • You’re all moving up in the criminal organization.
  • Turns out the heist was all a big fat lie. Who saw that coming, amirite? Jess did. :P
  • We’re at Episode 1.7…by Episode 2 you all should be full fledged pirates!? right? :)

Loot and EXP

  • No loot
  • 10 EXP for showing up. 10 EXP for some good RP progression towards my nags. We’re getting there..slowly but surely.


Next session should see some dramatic changes or directions in your characters. You’ve betrayed the Hutt Kajidics many times and in turn they have betrayed/tested you every step of the way. You can now see the manipulation and con game they play. The only difference is that they live for up to 2k years, do you? Time to show your position. At the start up the campaign in Formos we are marking the 2-3 month mark in the campaign (potentially more). With all the utter tiresome bullshit that occurs take some time to reflect on your characters actions and the things she has been forced to do. Does this have any bearing on how your characters will act in the future? It should. Good job guys! +2 EXP if you type out a Haiku about your character. Gogogogogo


Freedom isn’t free
It takes folks like you and me
Losing limbs and eyes

Sorry that wasn’t about my character specifically…

Limbs are still intact
But inside, a heart hardens
Determination reigns

There we go >_>

Episode 1.7 - We made it

I shouldn’t have spoke
About Lon being a jerk.
Now I have one eye.

Episode 1.7 - We made it

Goota has to die.
He fed a Bothan my eye.
I won’t call him dad!

Episode 1.7 - We made it

It wasn’t a Bothan, it was a Trandoshan!

Episode 1.7 - We made it

Damn, too many syllables.

Episode 1.7 - We made it

Goottaa has to die.
Trandoshan ate my eye.
I won’t call him dad!

There :P

Episode 1.7 - We made it

Sir, this is unwise.
You’re choosing the lesser path.
Activate vacuum.

no, wait, uhhhh…

They rely on choice,
But choice is my sleight of hand.
I, am Xhal Vantai.

Episode 1.7 - We made it

Vacuum tube engage, lmao

Episode 1.7 - We made it

Bril’han the hacker
He is a one armed Twi’fuck
Get betrayed faggot

Episode 1.7 - We made it


Episode 1.7 - We made it

Maybe Goottaa was just trying to get some snacks and you happened to be in the way. Happens to the best of them.


Episode 1.7 - We made it

Delicious arms. Mmm.

Episode 1.7 - We made it
DavidGM DavidGM

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