A Far Echo

Episode 1.8 - The Tides are Changing


  • Delivered the Fish man to Cyanna
  • Turns out it was a test
  • Cyanna offered an exchange for information on Darro which is still available to the PC’s
  • Cyanna essentially weaved the following info which was backed up with a bit of extra information from Darro.
    The Empire was attacked by a swarm of unknown starships and frigates. They ultimately drove the force off but took a hit to the cargo bay and lost several important boxes. This news spread rapidly throughout the Outer Rim as it happened relatively locally in Teth (see map). Cyanna provided a bit of information on the Kyber Crystals. That they are potent crystals that allow for the harnessing of plasma based energy, typically weaponized. She mentioned that there are differences between Kyber Crystals as their properties can be synthetically mimicked. Synthetic stones change the reaction in focused plasma to a red energy while true or natural crystals can emit various different colors; typically blue and green. Cyanna is concerned that Darro is working for the Empire as he is sort of a “Golden Child” in the Hutt ranks due to the Ves (last name) legacy. Apparently the Ves clan wears a Mandalore helm as they have killed some in the past (allegedly). Because the news of the boxes have been missing, the Empire has put out a massive reward for them. No one knows what is in the boxes, and the Empire stresses not to open but to return them for a 650k credit reward. Darro backed a lot of this information up, but painted a much larger scale impact of just “who” exactly is looking for these. Cyanna is bitter about the gifts given to Darro and would like to see him fall as she has worked so hard in her life for recognition, while Darro was born into the Hutt’s graces by his father/family legacy. (I think I covered all the important bits)
  • After the delivery you were interrogated by Darro
  • Team lead told you all not to say anything; you all spilled the beans immediately.
  • Team lead demanded Darro to be shot as they did not want him to escape knowing the boxes were at Gootaa’s
  • Darro took Jessy hostage and was surrounded by Bril’han and Cyanna
  • Darro shot the window in the rest area and jumped out above the sector as he did not want to be taken alive. Cyanna took off running demanding his body be found.
  • Realizing that the beans had been spilled and not many options were left; the PC’s decided to try to escape.
  • Multiple attempts were thwarted, eventually they made their way to the taxi docks at Gootaa’s palace where Cen and Jakkar pulled up with a fresh new, mint condition YT1300 where you all zipped off and escaped with no issues….
    ….wait Bril’han actually almost died, your ship is a piece of shit (worse than you probably anticipated) and you parked in a deep underground facility in an unknown part of the sub sectors of the 21 depths. You saw search lights scanning the area, remained quiet and eventually heard slurping noises where the session ended.

Loot & EXP

  • 15 EXP to all
  • A YT-1300 Ship! Wow! What a find!


You’re free! and now you’re on the run.


I didn’t spill any beans. Vargas is toughk


Vargas is 2 cool 4 being a rat
Bril’han is a Gootaa loyalist
Jenora is a rat fink
X is a computah

You guys need to fix these issues :P haha

DavidGM DavidGM

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