A Far Echo

Episode 1.9 - Resurgence


  • Bril’han got the power working a bit on the ship
  • Found out there is a group of things down in the dark tunnels called Reavers, they are known for their brutal trapping efforts.
  • Found a sprawling complex of dozens upon dozens of exits/entryways into the lower subsectors.
  • Found out Chemlizards bite hard.
  • Found some remnants of a forgotten society.
  • Now you’re about to be mugged by junker droids. One even tricked you, said help me! the nerve!




I know this session was sparse on movement in general, little progress as we spoke out of game what the direction of the campaign will be. Everyone seems to be ok with following my story line rather than branching away and doing stuff as a group and making the direction themselves. I will start ironing out the Story more. The Nemesis has already been introduced and ground work laid out. Brief outline is as followed:

  • Empire had some Kyber Crystals
  • Kyber Crystals were stolen by multiple groups during an attack on a Imperial Corvette.
  • There was 36 boxes missing from the ruptured Imperial Corvette’s cargo bay. The Empire manages to recapture 30 of those boxes in as little as 6 spanning months.
  • 6 Boxes were smuggled into Nar Shaddaa by Ed and his goons with other peoples assistance.
  • Black Sun wants the boxes back and made an arrangement with Ed and Gootaa the Hutt.
  • Discovered here that they are Kyber Crystals
  • Cyanna and Darro filled in the gaps on why it went missing, who attacked and a bit on what these Crystals are/do.
  • After 7 Betrays to Gootaa you escaped, stole one of the boxes in one final 18th betrayal (phew!)
  • Now you’re all on the run with 5.2 million credits worth of loot. You shit ass PC’s are in over your head.


20 xp… Right?! ;)

Episode 1.9 - Resurgence

Ah shit i forgot exp. Lets say…..hmm….10. :P

Episode 1.9 - Resurgence

10? Lame

Episode 1.9 - Resurgence


Episode 1.9 - Resurgence
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