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Hey guys, I haven’t really separated a time frame at the end of the session for GM critiques. I’d like to use this forum as sort of open mic type of deal for complaints / nit picks / suggestions. So far I haven’t received any, which I suppose is a good thing but I feel like that’s not possible lol.

Don’t feel like you’re gonna hurt my feelings or whatever, I just like to see or hear this type of feedback during new games or new rule-sets so I can focus on getting better.

Critiques for myself:

  • I’m still lost as to how the expectation of the game is supposed to be played or presented, both from the games perspective and you guys. I.E – Do you want a more true Star Wars feel (screen slides, light humor, quick action, quick scenes) or do we want it the way I have been managing it with some extras…or maybe none at all.
  • I need to master the rule-set better, I am working towards this by reading the book / rules now (everyday really)

Anyway, please let me know if you guys have anything; even if its a minor gripe or change. :D


I like the more Star Wars style. I like the quicker scenes with some epic adventures in between.

We definitely all need to master the rule set. I definitely find myself thinking in 5e terms a lot since we spent so much time playing it. Once we learn the rules and feel more comfortable with it, I think it will be smoother.

Biggest thing I want us to nail down the rule set so we can be more fluid. The dice pool practice is nice.

Laurie mentioned last week about how the skill difficulties should work, and that was addressed. I think the only other thing that comes to mind is something I am horribly guilty of; we get side tracked sometimes and say like “I am going to do this, just kidding.” I am going to work on not doing that, but I think that is my only “complaint” and it is hardly one at that, since 99% of the time it is funny when people do it :D


ok so we will put one in the hat for more star-warzy feels. I will work on doing quicker jumps “screen swipes”. My rule of thumb is that each new “main” NPC should get some time. I know im long winded / wordy; I apologize for that I have always been that way.

I think what will help with the screen swipes will be a small 2-3 sentence intro to the area you “zone” into.

For example after the scene on the balcony with Lauire, where she woke up drunk on the ledge I would say

“Its the day of the first job. You’ve collected yourselves from the previous night. Now geared up and ready to go with the assistance of Ed you’re being transported to the last known whereabouts of the mark. Here is where you begin your climb back into the ranks of the Hutt’s graces.” and leave it at that. One of those for each scene/swipe? More star-warzy?


I do love your intense descriptions for intro to brand new huge scenes. Like knowing a ton about the shit ass bar we will be in a ton is good.

DavidGM DavidGM

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