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PC Questionnaire


There are a few things I would like you guys to immediately know about each of your characters. These things may or may not drive the campaign, but its something I want written out on a document or email. These things are going to be used for my GMing and for you to remember about your chars and played well. So here they are. Please send these to me in an email. I will post the end criteria within each question below (as I want a verbose or short answer on some)

  • Question/Entry One Provide me with two realistic short-term goals that your character is trying to reach. These answers should not be related to slavery like, I’d like to live for a few more years! or freedom! I want two goals that represent your character outside of the slave-hold, but they can be a product of your slavery.


  1. I want to own a landspeeder. My last owner had one and allowed me to pilot it, it wasn’t mine but it was the most freeing feeling I ever had.
  2. I want to visit Planet XYZ. I heard XYZ is there and I’ve always wanted to see it, etc etc.

Note – A short term goal should be something that, once freedom has been obtained, is feasible within 1-6 months.

  • Question/Entry Two Provide me with a concise explanation of your Obligation and Motivation. I’d like roughly 3-5 sentences on this one. I want to be able to read it and know exactly how these work for you guys. I will be making small profiles for each of you that I can just glance down at and read throughout the campaign so try to make them as clear/short as possible.


  1. Obligation – I’ve been indebted to a Hutt for the better part of my life. He paid for my mothers freedom which he deemed worthy of 500,000 credits. I’ll never get out of this slump. He is the reason why I got caught and thrown into slavery in the first place because he had me running all over the place doing his dirty work. He currently resides in the Hutt Sector of the Galaxy and im just another credit chip to him.
  2. Motivation – My skill-set is what drives me due to the way my life has been. I wish to devour all knowledge in my path so that I can raise up from any situation. My current interest is in mechanics. I’ve been collecting the odds and ends in my journey. I lost most of them due to moving around so much, but I’ve gained enough opportunity from my more kind masters, or those in my travels to know just enough…for when freedom strikes.

  • Question/Entry Three What is your current disposition towards The Empire. Is it seething hatred? tolerance? disinterest? naive? From the research I’ve done the Empire pretty much paints a pretty picture that they are doing the right thing in the Core Worlds. The Core Worlds profit and benefit off them greatly. When you get to the Colonies, they are a mixed bag; but most will see the benefit of their rule. Everything beyond the Colonies (see the Map Section of this website) are were the true oppression lies. The Inner Rim/Expansion areas are were the predominant resources are; which means struggle for control with varies mega-corporations and empire sympathizers/barons/kings, etc. I add this bit of info because I would imagine where you are from dictates this opinion. I realize some of you have been slaves for a majority of your life but perhaps you have fond memories of the Empires good nature if you were Core-born. Perhaps in your slave-travels you were owned by some Empire ambassadors, keepers or overseers and they treated you the best; maybe your only opinion of them is naive since you only encountered one and he treated you just and fairly. Anyway, I think you guys get the picture on this one.

  • Question/Entry Four In one sentence or less, describe your character in a nutshell. How the world views her.


  1. A tough, lost soul; searching for enough credits to march into the flames of war for what has been done to him.
  2. A kind hearted, broken slave looking to see her home town one last time before she goes.
  3. An ex-rebel hero, drowning his sorrows in drink to pass time before his 1,000th smuggling run. Damn it’s been that long already….?


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