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PC Write Up

So sad, no RP for a week or two. =(

Icons__2_.png It’s that time again boys and girls where I post homework and you do it.

This weeks post will be a exercise in creative writing for the Galaxy of Star Wars. I feel that you guys are starting to get a better grasp on your characters for the most part, it will take maybe 2-3 more sessions before you guys should be totally “in bloom” so to speak. So I won’t be having you write up something completely about your characters.

This time I want to focus on the group. A collective write-up of sorts where collaboration is needed between the PC’s.

Soon, you guys will be getting your first junker ship. The YT-1300 is a modular ship that can be customized in various different ways. A brand new YT-1300 is around 100,000 to 150,000 credits. You guys will be picking up an old used junker ship which you can utilize your bounty/smuggling pay to upgrade and fix as you see fit.

So, because this is all of your ship. Question #1 is this…

1 What is the new name of your first YT-1300 Ship?

2 Come up with the name of a broken part of your junker ship and how you’re going to replace it. Each post must be vastly different from one another.

3 Your ship will be entered into the HoloNet GSSR, short for Galactic Starship Registry. You can consider this to be the SSN of your ship. It is required by Imperial law to have this number large and visible on the ship for scans. There is also a reader chip-set embedded into the external hull which allows for ease of scanning from patrol vehicles. Anyways, Your Ships number is the first initial of the captain, plus the date of entry, plus the galactic registry code which tells when and how it was registered. There is also an additional number which represents the maker of the craft. This is primarily used for inventory purposes at the time of creation, but leads ship enthusiasts to know immediately who created it. All of this information leads me onto our newest question…. Who is the Captain of your ship? Who is the co-pilot? Who is the quartermaster? Who is the astronavigator? Essentially, I want you to come up with a profile for each job that you have on the ship. Don’t have a mechanic? That’s cool, you can get that repaired at the next star dock. Fill this out according to this template.

4 Traveling through the Galaxy is dangerous, especially when you’re under the thumb of a Hutt. They’re going to have you doing all sorts of jobs that will require you to bend the laws which will require your ship to be outfitted in a such a way that will allow you to skate by. Han Solo had compartments under the walk ways of the Falcon for his smuggling goods, Where/what are yours?
Your ship is going to be a used smuggling ship loaned out to you by one of the Hutt’s. The ship will have some compartments that are hidden or some clever features that allow you to get by when running these illegal operations. Your new task is for each of you to come up with an area of the ship that has some sort of secret component. How do you access it? What makes it so secret or clever?

Come up with a small feature that aids in smuggling cargo and moving high prized bounties that is already built into the ship. It can’t be expensive and something that this junker ship already had embedded into the ship or is added to it. Organize between each of you on which task one of you will be taking based on the below information

Task 1 – A small feature that is part of the ships build. This can be a compartment, a false bottom or a trick door. Small meaning trivial to build but cleverly hidden.

Task 2 – a medium feature that is part of the ships software. This can be a data chip that falsifies the load calculations or a hologram of the ships blue prints that masks the hidden compartments (except now you cant use these examples).

Task 3 – A large feature that greatly aids you in the smuggling / bounty projects. This feature is so crucial to the ships over all design and operation that losing it would cause a major setback. An example of this would be custom firmware that costs 10k credits and allows you to cloak heat signatures on the ship to prevent probing or scanning, or maybe an illegal augmentation to the ship that allows for faster xyz or more precise xyz.

Feel free to answer any questions via email or IM with me. Please note these features (mainly the large one) can be expensive and can count towards these “kickstarter” goals (ie the 10k increases). Please make these realistic. Dont type out that you have a GR9 Hyper-realistic hologram that masks half your ship and is undetectable. A real feature is something handy or beneficial but has faults in its design. You may follow this template if you wish.

How its masked/covered/cleverly hidden:
Relative Cost (Small – 1-5k / medium 6-8k / large 9-15k)
What it does:

Question 5!
Our concluding question wraps up your ship in a tight little package. Here is an overview:

  • Your ship’s net-worth is roughly 40kish
  • The Kajidic’s have left you a gift in your lounge areas.
  • It’s called the Draco MK1.


Your ship is a YT1300 made from Corellian engineering. Your ships is classified as a “Courier” vessel. Meaning moderate cargo, moderate person space; jack of all trades sort of deal. Courier vessels are stereotyped into assuming there are always extra people on board for transport or travel. Your ship is stamped for the following clearance

  • Nothing

Which leads us to your next question. Each security clearance requires licenses and credit payment. A clearance is good for 5 odd years, unless you pay for temp clearance. In order to be able to do certain things while traveling through space you will need these passes. Essentially when your ship is scanned or boarded they will link into the computer to see what your legalities are. All ships are defined by something. Yours being a courier your only real clearance would be to enter/exit orbital pulls, dock on basic stations and stay within the laws of a transport/courier vessal (such as weight limits and crew capacity). This is automatically branded for the life of the ship by Corellian Engineering and can be scanned from beyond the ships chasis.

Your question is to make up a sort of clearance or boarding pass that you guys will be given by the Hutt. These will be given upon your first job and are required to do any and everything

  • Ship trading in and around Hutt Space
  • Clearance to enter the Outer / Inner / Core
  • Clearance to trade in the Outer/Inner/Core

There are also various “bundle” licenses. Such as a Bounty Hunter license comes with Policing clearance, patrol clearance and Patrol Port landing clearance, etc etc.
For ease of standardization (and because we dont need to be tracking clearances down to a nitpick) you guys will have the necessary ones to fly, haul cargo and manage transporting people, but there are some clearances that are a bit unknown. Ones that give you a bit of an edge with certain factions, maybe its a chip on the side of your ship that says you’re pirate friendly, or maybe its a retro looking sigil painted on the side of the ship advertising Jeowak’s Cold Brews on your home planet, which doubles as a smuggling den and a place for you to lay low..or maybe its a nod towards being a rebel supporter, but the Empire would REALLY have to dig deep to know what jarbled code/sigil or paint means.

Create a small clearance title, sigil, banner, decal on the ship, matrixcode, software, or whatever buzzword/location/symbol you can come up with that represents a sort of clearance from your HOME world. This is something you will manually put it or register with the right offices when you get your ship, depending on how you write it. The template is as followed:

PLEASE NOTE Do not make something that we already know about your character. I want this to be a new and fresh idea for RP. Meaning, Jess don’t add your old crew’s mark. Laurie don’t add bounty hunting stuff, etc. It can still be from your past (obviously) but i don’t want this associated with the core personality/archetype/job/profession/skillset you are.

  • Name of the Boon:
  • What is it? Sigil? Barcode? Banner? Decal?
  • What does it do for you or your crew? Please make this a minor boon with downsides. EG – A place to lay low for awhile, but its in a very shady den. EG – Can clear with the bounty hunting family, but my family sigil is not exactly loved by everyone so its also a target board.
  • What is the downside/downfall to carrying this clearance or mark?
  • What does it look like?

There are a total of 5 questions that cover various aspects of the ship and character involvement. I will treat this like a kick starter, so here are the Tier rewards.

  • Answering Question 1 unlocks Question 2 Unlocked!
  • Answering Question 2 unlocks Question 3 and increases the used value of your ship by 10,000. (The shittiest used YT-1300 is around 20,000 credits) Unlocked!
  • Answering Question 3 unlocks Question 4 and unlocks Character Lockers within the ship, with a free gift from the Cartel for each of your characters.-Unlocked!
    -* Answering Question 4 unlocks Question 5 and increases the used value of your ship by an additional 10,000.
  • Answering Question 5 completes all achievements and earns you some extra Fire-Power for your ship. =)

Anyways, have fun guys. I’ll be watching/waiting!


The final name of the ship is the YT-1300 Draco MK 1, or the Draco for short.

PC Write Up

Draco was a great friend.

PC Write Up

I didn’t get a chance to look into the engine on the YT-2400 we flew here in. The moment we had the keys to the YT-1300 I rushed into the engine room to take a look. I expected to see a Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) Dewback Mark II engine. Those have been the workhorse of freighters like this for years. Instead, it looks like someone ripped out that engine and started to replace it with the Sendellisi Krayt engine, a huge upgrade over the old Dewback Mark II. I took a look at the engine, but it looks like they only got the planetary parts installed. A number of the hyperdrive and planetary escape modules are missing. Looks like I have my work cut out for me…

Looking through the engine and the computer components, I will need to do the following:
-Update the navicomputer to properly accept hyperdrive commands from the Krayt. It looks like they never put in the new variables for the engine into the navicomputer. I’ll have to plug into the engine and run through some tests to pull the constants. Should be a simple job
-The hyperdrive motivator is completely missing. I’ve had to pull them from other engines in some previous repair work I did as a slave. These parts rarely go bad, so I should be able to find a scrap yard to pickup the part. When they do fail though, they show a small black scarring along the bottom, so finding a working one should be relatively easy.
-Finding a new planetary escape module may be tough. These are almost always specific to the model of the engine, so I will either have to get a new one or see if I am lucky at a scrap yard. Getting a new one on this planet should be easy. Sendellisi has a plant on planet due to the abundance of thasarite here.

PC Write Up

Skyden’s eyes lit up as she stared up at the hulking shape of her new (new to her, anyway) ship. Even though she’d just had the luxury of flying in the upgraded YT-2400 model, there was something about the tried and true 1300 that set her heart a-fluttering. She paced around the perimeter of the ship, her eyes dancing with suppressed excitement as she took stock. Most of the repairs and damage would be Bril’han’s expertise, though she could recognize a good chunk of what needed to be done from her experience with Kieran and his crew. Still, there was one glaring discrepancy that drew her attention immediately. Firepower.

The ship would definitely be needing some modifications. She’d flown in a YT-1300 modded with front-facing mounted laser cannons during her stint as a smuggler, and she remembered the way that Kieran had helped his crew to light up the stars in battle while simultaneously flying. The cannons would need to be modified to allow her to control them while piloting, which was why they would have to be in a fore-facing arc, but she knew it could be done.

Skyden paced at the base of the open cargo bay door, talking to herself as she went over what specifics she could dredge up from memory. She knew there was a specific turret model that Kieran had favored over all the others for this purpose, but its name… was it the Harbinger x92 dual array? Or the Bastion D-series laser cannon, which could be customized to fire in tandem with another linked model? Three or four other names floated up in her head, until she shook her head in frustration and threw up her hands. “Bah! I’ll have to look into it with Bril’han when he goes hunting for parts. I KNOW I will recognize it if I see it, but it’s just been too damn long.”

It was going to take some work, but with Bril’han’s help (and the credits these Hutts are supposed to be coughing up), pretty soon they’d be set to pave their way through the stars. “Excellent,” she laughed.

PC Write Up

Janora left Bril’han and Skyden to gape at their new ship. If she were to be perfectly honest she really didn’t care about the nuts and bolts of it, as long as it got them from point A to point B. She had always just viewed ships as a means of transportation and never even tried to understand what made them run. Growing up she never had to worry about fixing up their ships as they had mechanics to do that for them.

Despite not being as enthusiastic about the mechanics of the ship, Janora was pleased to find there were holding cells in one of the lower sections. She was a little annoyed though when she saw what types of locks were used. She couldn’t remember ever seeing these types of locks and just from her cursory inspection, could tell they were not very secure. It would not take long for a skilled criminal to escape from the current setup. Although she didn’t know what types of jobs they would be doing for the Hutts, she knew that having secure cells would come in handy at some point. As she studied the configuration of the cells she made mental notes of what she would need to fix these to her satisfaction. It would depend on how many credits the Hutts gave them but eventually Janora wanted to get the doors reinforced with the Imperial 5400 A Series Locking System which was supposed to be the best on the market right now. They would need a welders kit to replace the lock but once they have the materials it shouldn’t be too difficult. She would also love to reinforce the walls by using Beskar (Mandalorian iron) but that may take a while considering how expensive that material was. Her father did know a Mandalorian blacksmith though so who knows, maybe she could convince him to help her with the cells; that is after she finally sees him again.

PC Write Up


My deal, my crew. Bril’Han, master manipulator.

PC Write Up

Bril’Han is terrifying.

PC Write Up

Lmao that gif! but I think it’s clear who would step up and demand that role… ;p

PC Write Up

Here is the breakdown of jobs for all of the crew. I have the detailed secondary job descriptions included under each PC.

Captain Bril’han:
Primary Job: Mechanic/Computer Tech
Secondary Duties: Kitchen Manager

Job Title: Kitchen Manager
Job Description: Responsible for overall operations in the kitchen area
Assigned to: Bril’Han
Detailed Duties: Keeps track of food/drink supply and makes sure to restock when necessary. Organizes kitchen area and ensures all appliances are serviceable. Bakes cookies when morale is down.

Skyden Vargas
Primary: Pilot
Secondary Duties: Quartermaster

Job Title: Quartermaster
Job Description: Handles maintenance of all weapons
Assigned to: Skyden Vargas
Detailed Duties: In charge of inventory of all weapons once they leave the cargo hold. When Janora receives weapons, Skyden will need to sign them out of the cargo hold to receive them into her inventory. Cleans weapons and ensures all are working properly. Charged with learning how to use/service any weapon on the ship.

Janora Aldamar
Primary Job: Gunner
Secondary Duties: Loadmaster (Janora will also be in charge of the holding cells and making sure they are secure for prisoners)

Job Title: Loadmaster
Job Description: In charge of all goods going in and out of cargo bay
Assigned to: Janora Aldamar
Detailed Duties: Responsible for all cargo housed in the cargo bay; Proper inventory needs to be kept. (Depending on if we smuggle illegal goods for the Hutts, we may come up with a shorthand for our inventory). Assists in loading and unloading cargo, as well as securing cargo for takeoff and landing. Responsible for hiding smuggled goods within the ship, specifically when hauling goods past the imperials.

Primary Job: Medic
Secondary Duties: Janitor

Primary Job: Ship Guard
Secondary Duties: Muscle (Working w/ Janora in the Cargo Hold)

PC Write Up

Goal 4 – Task 3

Feature: Modified Sendellisi Krayt engine
Relative Cost: ~8k
What it does: Upon further inspection of the engine, I found some additional cooling tubes and baffles along the sides of the engine. It looks like an enterprising individual took some pointers from the Rendili StarDrive Whisperthrust Engine and added them to the Krayt. While I think it may have slowed down the overall engine speed to make it less of an upgrade, it looks like it may actually help to mask some of the engine signatures. The additional super-cooled gases will help to block heat signatures form the engine. The baffles help to absorb some of the sound and eletromagnetic emmissions coming from the engine.
Increases the difficulty of checks to detect this vessel by two while it’s traveling at speed 3 or lower.

PC Write Up

Task 2: Medium Feature

Nestled snugly into one of the many beep-boopin’ instrument panels at the forefront of the cockpit is a shiny complexity that, to the untrained eye, would appear to be nothing more than a vaguely head-shaped mess of metal plates, wires, circuitry, and swiveling clockwork parts. To those in the know, however, this beaut is nothing less than an Azitech IV autopilot Droid brain. The wires and circuitry look haphazard and messy, but those who are familiar with the technology can immediately see that they have been fine-tuned and expertly melded with the control panel to ensure proper integration with the controls for flight. Though nowhere near as skilled as an actual pilot, Azitech chooses only the finest technological components for these invaluable instruments… meaning that they only use the brains of droids who are skilled at flying for this purpose. Naturally.

This feature isn’t exactly sneaky, however, due to its messy design (perhaps because a mechanic tinkered with it a little too much? Obviously we didn’t come by this thing fresh off the manufacturer’s shelf) it might look like a simple mechanic’s project to most people, which could keep it under the radar so to speak.

Its relative cost is ~6000 credits, though this one might be worth a little more or less depending on how you look at it. If it were modern times, the warranty would definitely be broken, which usually lowers the value of things, but at the same time… a skilled mechanic clearly tinkered with this thing. Who knows what modifications they made to enhance its efficiency? ;)

The Azitech IV autopilot Droid brain can pilot with a Piloting (Space) and Piloting (Planetary) skill of 2 green dice when unassisted. This feature also allows the ship to be communicated with remotely, and summoned via a beckon call from up to several hundred kilometers away.

Modification Options: 2 Increase the droid brain’s Piloting (Planetary) or (Space) skill by one mod.

PC Write Up

Task 1:

Feature: Cloaked Smuggling Compartments (Arakyd Industries Nightshadow liners)

How its masked/covered/cleverly hidden: The smuggling compartment is hidden with a trick door that does not show up on the blueprints of the ship. It is hidden within the engine room and is lined with Nightshadow to further protect the compartment from scans. It was placed in the engine room so that it could be easily explained as a space to house wires, if it was discovered. In order to enter the room a combination is needed.

Relative Cost: 2,200-5000 credits depending on how large we want it. A smuggling compartment normally cost 1,100 credits and the nightshadow upgrade is 2,200 credits. (A normal smugglers compartment holds 25 encumbrance).

What it does: Used to hide illegal cargo and sometimes people when the ship is being searched or scanned.

PC Write Up

On Cerea, the small but busy planet that Skyden hails from, there exists a secretive, well protected faction of rebel sympathizers who call themselves the Caram Initiate, named after the founder. A vast variety of skill sets and talents are represented in the Initiate, but none quite so prominently as pilots. As a booming industrial planet, Cerea boasts a melting pot of skilled people, including a great deal of pilots due to the shipping and transportation aspects of business, and a healthy supply of guards and bodyguards, especially for the wealthy merchants and to protect cargo. Thus, the Initiate possesses a wide variety of skills to offer the rebel cause, should they come seeking assistance. These deals are always kept clandestine and hidden from all outsiders. Often, not even loved ones are clued in on the existence of the Initiate, or the safe havens set up for rebels in need of assistance.

However, Skyden caught on to her father’s strange and unexpected “odd jobs” pretty quickly. Since it was only the two of them, her father made the call to tell her of the Initiate and what they stood for. Since he was training her to be a pilot, he figured her skills could help the rebel cause as well… and growing up on Cerea, a bustling planet whose only experience of the empire was an iron fist and strict trade regulations that were enforced too harshly, he knew his daughter held no love for the empire. Many of their friends and neighbors had been forced to take on smuggling jobs on occasion just to make ends meet, with how abysmal the pay could be, and how much of a cut the empire officials demanded of them. Always these people were treated like common criminals, and dealt with cruelly, which only served to further embitter the populace.

The ranks of the Initiate have grown considerably since Skyden’s last encounters with Cerea, though she doesn’t know that. In the quiet hours of the morning, she paints their old insignia onto the side of the outer hull of the cockpit, with a steady, careful hand to make certain all the details are as she remembers. Though the insignia is seemingly common and meaningless, depicting a crescent moon in the foreground with a darker “C” outlined behind it, the particular style of it would be recognized by any member of the secretive group, and likely by many if not all in the rebel faction, though at this moment in time our obligation to the criminal world would likely cause them to turn away… Which is good, because we have enough on our plates as it is.

PC Write Up

Name of the Boon
-Olgkru (strong-willed)

What is it?
-A small symbol that Bril’han drew on the main thruster.

Backstory of the symbol
-What my character knows:
—This is a small symbol that his mother had on a journal she carried with her. He knows nothing about what the symbol actually means beyond that it is an ancient Twi’leki symbol for “Olgkru”. This translates to strong-willed in common. He had always assumed it was a way for his mother to remember to keep a strong will despite being in slavery. He has used this symbol as a way to keep himself centered throughout the years of abuse and slavery.
—This symbol is used by a small faction of Twi’lek, known as “The Kenaya”. The Kenaya work as brokers of data. They will gather whatever information may be of value and sell it to the highest bidder. They are the people you go to if you need some high value, hard to find information. They are not well known among the majority of the populace, but there are people in varying positions who will seek out contacts that can get them in touch with The Kenaya. The reason many are willing to pay The Kenaya is that they have a long history of perfect history of never giving up their clients. The information given by clients is never uses against them either. For a group of information brokers, they are about as “honorable” as you can get.

What does it do for you or your crew?
-What this will do out of game is provide a little bit of leeway in some situations when seen. Maybe instead of harassing the crew, the pirates that see it might decide to let them go. The Kenaya are not a group to be trifled with. This obviously won’t be helpful in most situations, since not many know of the Kenaya, but there may be just that one time where the symbol will keep some person from “offending” us.

What is the downside/downfall to carrying this clearance or mark?
-Some people might expect a bit more from us than we would normally be able to give. Perhaps they would offer a favor without us knowing that they expected information in return.

What does it look like – http://i.stack.imgur.com/xrhye.png (Triangle with a circle in the middle)

PC Write Up

Name of the Boon: Imperial Call Signs
What is it? Sigil? Barcode? Banner? Decal?: A code
What does it do for you or your crew?: A series of codes used as clearance to get through imperial checkpoints. Having the code makes you exempt from being searched and allows you to pass through.
What is the downside/downfall to carrying this clearance or mark?: Janora knows 3 codes that her family have used in the past to get through imperial checkpoints. The downside is they are old codes so they may not work without some charm (Han Solo style), and since they are old they can only be used once to avoid suspicion. Since the codes are linked to her family the use of them could eventually lead back to Janora making her and the crew imperial targets.
What does it look like?: A jumbled bunch of numbers and letters that is given at checkpoints to pass through.

PC Write Up
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