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The Heist - Bank Depot - S42-S17

Sector 42 - Subsection 17



The Overview

System 6 You are to break-in to a small bank depot. The depot doubles as a vault storage for the middle to upper sector class citizens. Citizens can pay for the use of a nearby vault through the Galactic Bank main branch offices. In vault 7, storage hold 74B there is an object stored there from a corporation known as Diak Synthetics. It is stored in what is called a vol-box. Vol-boxes are destroyed immediately when they are taken from a hard-coded proximity area. You are to steal this box and bring it back to Gootaa; you’re Lord and Master and loving Father.

The Details

There are currently three accessible areas that you can see from the holo-schematics.

  • Entry One, Air – Accessing the place from the Rooftop and going by way of ventilation systems.
  • Entry Two, Subterranean – Accessing the bank from beneath the plate-ways.
  • Entry Three, Ground – Accessing the bank from ground/plate level.

Note – there may be more entrances or ways to get in beyond these three obvious choices

The Problems

  • The place has (yellow triangle) turrets all over the parameter. They are medium range auto targeting turrets that can be manually controlled from the Master Terminal.
  • The turrets are anti-air and anti-personnel. They have three barrels and can swap between Ion Bursts, Stun or Lethal.
  • Each (red square) guard tower stands around 20 feet high and have auto/manual spot lights.
  • The (green dotted) laser fence is a double laser gate that surrounds the entire compound. There are inherit problems with these but serve as a large detriment to would be thieves.
  • The vol-box collapses/blows up if taken from the unknown proximity; effectively destroying the contents.

The Entry Problems

  • Each (orange) door is secured by a key-card and electronic lock.
  • The main Security (grey) gates open one at a time. One will only open if the other is closed.
  • Time management is a huge problem (Guard Response time / Back up response time / Security triggers)
  • Guards and their guns.
  • Turrets
  • Drill issues (if drilling from beneath)
  • Obtaining key card, potentially fooling/lying to the guards or disguising as someone else could lead to immediate failure.
  • No idea if this place has a back up generator or a hot-site for their security.
  • The incineration / cleanse of the sewer rodents.

The Boons

  • The main power cell for the entire 10 block power grid is located nearby.
  • The turrets are magnetized but omni-directional on a spherical apparatus
  • The turrets have no wires, meaning they are remote/wireless.
  • The ventilation system goes throughout the entire complex, but you have no idea of the security in place in the vaults.
  • It’s a small compound, response times may be lengthy..but who knows.
  • You have 7 days to complete the job and prep for it.
  • You have access to a large quantity of tools to get the job done, such as an Ion Rifle and a ship if roof access is desired.
  • There are easy entrances into the Plateway

The Task

  • You have this entire week to plan together for this heist. The way this works is you all need to discuss HOW you want to do this. You can go to impress Gootaa with a hail of gun fire or you can sneak in like ninjas. Please note – What is displayed here are NOT the only options. There are dozens of other ways that this can be accomplished. This is the initial report that System 6 is giving you.
  • Questions can be asked in the below comment boxes and I will respond accordingly. Once the interrogations are complete we will jump right into the Heist.
  • When it is all said and done I want an full inventory check of what you will be bringing to the heist. A light-side token flip for items will be locked out during this mission. What you bring is what you have.
  • There are ways to earn EXP for this collaboration that are hidden. EXP will be earned as a whole, not individually.
  • Failure to have a fleshed out job by the time RP arrives next week will result in you being faggots and 4 years will pass as you guys will not come up with a solution. :P
  • The key to making this job easier is by asking questions. There is SO much grey area / unmentioned things about this ENTIRE bank depot and its surroundings or tools used that can be discovered.
  • Remember to plan the heist how you want to do it from a cool perspective without regard to tools/trip ups, etc. This is your scene to show that your smuggling crew is more than just an asset. After you play the scene out how you want to do it or how cool you want to present it then worry about how to accomplish that or get to those points. Gootaa may not have 100% everything you want, but he has some janky stuff that can help you reach that goal! =)

please note failure to complete this objective will result in no more second chances from Gootaa. I typed this all up without spell check or grammatical checks so go stuff a dude if you see anything wrong with it.


Is it possible to get into the network from a remote location prior to the heist?

The Heist - Bank Depot - S42-S17

You can attempt to slice intro the infrastructure from a remote location yes. You will need access to a terminal that is jacked into the Sector-Net.

The Heist - Bank Depot - S42-S17

No WiFi?

What if I make a little WiFi extender device that can hook into the local network that I can connect into? I imagine a little ball that I hide in the corner or something that I can connect to, then tap into the network.

The Heist - Bank Depot - S42-S17

If you’re close enough to the proximity of the site, you can attempt to slice into the network. You do not know if the network is isolated or part of the Galactic Bank. This should not be overlooked as breaking into the Galactic Bank via slicing tools is a very very serious crime.

Using a datapad, you can interface with the wireless network from any location within the sector; whether it be a cafe, a home or the site itself.

Being at the site itself may allow you some extra benefits/decrease in difficulty depending on how their infrastructure is laid out..

The Heist - Bank Depot - S42-S17

I promised Geran I would write up what we discussed on Saturday plan wise.

First we came up with the idea to check the place out prior to the heist. This didn’t pan out that well as the bank isn’t really open to the public and is more of a checkpoint between banks. If we did want to stake out the place we would need to do it under the guise of renting one of their vaults which can be done if you have the money. The benefit of staking out the place would be to see how many guards are on the inside.

If we went with the stake out idea then Janora could go back the day of the heist as a distraction to open the rented vault and store whatever it is we decide to store there (There were discussions that we could store X and just “power him down” to have a man on the inside). We discussed only Janora doing the stake out and day of distraction so that only one of our faces was seen.

The actual breaking in part would happen via the underground tunnels. We would acquire a drill through the Hutt and map out as accurately as possible where the vault was. The goal being to drill right into the floor of the vault. I flipped a light-side point on Saturday to make the vault room itself sound-proof which helps a bit with the sound of the drill and alerting the guards. Obviously there would still be noise as the drilling is coming from under the vault and the sewer isn’t sound proof but we can figure the sound stuff out if we decide to go with this route. The day that Janora goes to inquire about renting a vault could also be used as a dry run for anyone going into the sewer.

The pros of going this route is we could get in and out with little detection (if we can figure out how to further muffle the sound of the drill) and lessen the risk of losing more limbs! The con is that it’s not that flashy.

The not flashy part brings me to our next idea. Jess can elaborate more but basically she wants to fly in and try to take out the turrets with the firepower on the ship. With the position of the vault we only need to take out two turrets in order to get in. We can then belay down from the ship onto the roof or maybe drill into the side of the building where the vault is. We would need to time this all perfectly as there would be no masking our presence. We would need to get in and out before we can be followed. If we went with this option I think it would be important to test out the response time of the guards prior to the heist. That would give us an idea of our window.

Another option is to do the heist a few days earlier when there is work being done in the sewerage system. The bank lies in a section of the city that will have their sewers/pipes fire blasted to kill all the rodents and clean everything out. We could use this as our distraction. We would not be able to go into the sewers until after they are done blasting fire as the Hutt does not have any fireproof suits but there will be about 30 minutes of unbearable heat caused by the blasting. When this occurs everyone stays inside so we would pretty much know where all the guards are. We can still take out the turrets as a distraction to the sound of the drill. With this plan we would put X in a suit that protects against the heat (so his wires don’t get singed) and send him into the sewer with the drill. Vargas would be flying the ship and Janora would be the gunner taking out the turrets. Bri’lhan would probably be on the ship as well to do some splicing and make our jobs easier. He may even be able to turn the turrets off with splicing?

So basically the three options we discussed are:

1. Stealth mission
2. Mission Impossible style
3. Combination of Stealth and Mission Impossible

The Heist - Bank Depot - S42-S17
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