A 5'8, ex-junkie with a go-get'em attitude.


Slicer, medic, and combat extraordinaire are the three words Cen would use to describe himself in an ideal situation; but he is none of these things.

Cen comes from Hutt Space; although he did not mention where. He claims he was raised on the streets and sold by his father due to some gambling debts which landed him in slavery.

Now that Cen is free, he has every intention of learning the ropes of for medical bay. The doctor on Formos took him under his wing in the last 3 days, so he’s already damn near an expert. On the other side of the coin he is extremely good with the needle and applying of salves or powders considering he was a junkie most of his life.

From a personality stand point, Cen seems calm in the eyes but fidgety in movement. If he doesn’t have a cigarette in his mouth he is chewing on his fingers, swinging his arms or bobbing his head.


Unknown at this time beyond him being sold by his father.


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