Jakar Drena

An ex-slave, laughing his way through life at even the most trying of times.


Jakar is a strong man standing at around 6’1 with the fine tuned muscles that only a lead slave would know how to manage.

To Jakar the world is his oyster and he is looking to consume every bit of it in the paths that he takes.He is a man of simple pleasures and behind his deep laughter is a man of unshakable direction. What the direction is well…is entirely up to him. Once his mind is set though, you may never see Jakar again until his conquest is over.

Jakar is not afraid to get his hands dirty either. He has been making his way through the slaving rings and doing what everyone else was afraid to do. His sole reason? Bed, food, women, drink. If a mans arm is broken just so he can sleep in a comfortable bed…well..I guess you will find a lot of slaves with broken arms under his authority.

Jakar has promised himself to the crew as a protector of the ship. With freedom in his sights, he apologized to the PC’s he may have harmed and sworn allegiance to their cause.


Unknown at this time.

Jakar Drena

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