Captain Lon

The Captain of the YT-2400 Cedona MK2.


Lon is a man of simple pleasures. He is as sharp as a knife and easily the most down to earth of the entire crew of the Cedona vessel, but can be frightening when things don’t pan out.

He was given a job by the Southern Cartels to deliver a package of slaves and usher in a new agreement for the return of a precious new resource called “Smoke”. While not entirely sure of the reason he is there beyond being a carriage to Hutt Space, Lon does so while whistling an old core world tune and trying to live as care free as possible.

His second hand, Garm, is almost like a shadow to him. Lon’s old careless ways have brought old skeletons out of the crews closet too many times to count. Ever since their last incident Garm has made it a point to never leave his side; not even if orders demand it.


Unknown at this time.

Captain Lon

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