A Far Echo

Dice Interpretation Practice

Scenario One

You’re in a high-speed speeder chase with a Stormtrooper who just took off with your stolen relic. He’s about 20 miles out in a canyon and is rapidly closing the gap on his transport where he will be off and free from your pursuits. You know once he reaches that check-point, there will be too many Stormtroopers to deal with and you will have to duck out.

You manage to catch up to him partly, putting a large strain on your throttle to squeeze every ounce of energy out of this old rickety beast. The engine stutters and chokes, plumes of smoke start to flow into your face and you go spiraling into blindness rapidly. Through the small clearings of smoke, you see you’re about to hit several branches from some old dead trees in the forgotten canyon.

WAP the first one hits you. You roll a Planetary Vehicle check to maintain your composure and suffer the following results:

No Successes, 2 failures and 1 threat.

Write me the results of this, as well as if the roll was..

1 Success, 2 Advantage, 1 Threat.

Note – Remember you’re in control of what happens on a minor scale creatively. Use this bit of knowledge to make some really dramatic moments happen in both good and bad situations.

I will post multiple scenarios if enough interest is generated here.

The Inner Ring - Contract 1 and 2 Details

Contract One

Primary Contact
Sector 21 Sub-District 9. South End Planetary Vehicle garage, 17th Floor.
The Who
A group of 5 individuals who “intercepted” a COMPNOR box from Ed and his men.
The What
The box needs to be retrieved, and their bodies need to be riddled with blaster-charges.
The When
The How
Carbines. They are already expecting Ed’s men and have hold themselves up in the Mechanics Bay of the 17th Floor bay.


While you don’t know much information as you’re likely not privy to it. The short of it is that Ed has some business arrangements for a shipment. Part of the shipment was hijacked and they lost some goods, one of them being a very important box. A chase occurred where Ed’s men and his Patrol officers cornered them in the subsector. The patrol craft merely provided the intelligence but refuses to get their hands dirty in such crimes. After the tip, the officers fled the scene giving Ed a certain amount of time to get this taken care of. Ed is sending you and expecting the box to come back in one piece.

Contract Two

Primary Contact
E.T or Ed
The Secen Plateway Complex. Room 5,245.
The Who
A murdered girl who belonged to Ed.
The What
The investigation. Apparently, Ed seems to believe that this the doing of a serial killer that has been running around and has a claim to fame in the Sector 21 – 27 areas.he sectors have come to fear him under the moniker – “The Moniker” just kidding. His name has spread through the districts of various different names and titles but his signature is he keeps the eyes of his victims. Her eyes are missing, so this is really his only lead.
The When
After the COMPNOR box. This takes a much much higher priority than the killed girl…
The How
The Patrol Officers have been paid to stay out of this. He is personally looking into this himself. It may or may not be this crazed serial killer, and its up to you guys to find out with any assistance and investigative skills you can find.

The girls name was Scai Inna, one of Ed’s popular girls. Her background was actual from Sector 5 and he pulled her out of that muck to bring her into the cleaner airspace. A lot of the girls look to Ed as a father figure, this girl was no difference judging from the holo-images she had of him in the apartment; obsessively so. We will get more into what the apartment looks like at the time of the investigation. There is not much background here as you don’t know their history, maybe someone should look into this.

Episode 1.4 - Saturday - Ground work for a fresh start
Ah c'mon!


  • You betrayed your employer and got sacked on the very first job.
  • You’re now not even allowed to talk to your employer now because you fucked up so hard.
  • Your employer gave you a thank you for betraying him by cutting B-han’s arm off.
  • You’re all lucky to be alive for being such shit criminals, :P
  • You now work with low end scum and in the twi’fuck sex business.
  • You sleep in a single room with each other, cluttered together listening to the loud thump of the club music.
  • Club attracts bounders, Schmouny Hunters and Diggles. ___
  • You were given a job which i rushed through and will be making an extra post about as I rushed the ideas. They will be presented in better light and not towards the end of the night and gives Cody a chance to read this.

Loot & Exp

10 EXP for the session.

I will be writing up some practice exercises to help with the dice interpretation. These will be optional.

Quick Challenge!

Each Sector/Solar system in the galaxy has multiple planets, stars, or anomalies.

Put on your creative caps and write me up a motha fuckin planet/star/etc for Star Wars.

Follow this template:

Name of Point of Interest:
Atmosphere Level: I.E is it breathable with or without an apparatus.
Quick description –
Two key features of the planet. I want this non-spice oriented.
What is the main purpose of this planet.
What is it’s population or primary inhabitant. If its an alien species please make up a name.
If you make up an alien species use this template:

Name –
Brief Description –
Key Features -

Example Planet

Name – Davidia
Atmosphere – 43% breathable.
Quick Description – A rocky outer-rim planet that is covered by a sulfuric orange tinge in the mountainous regions of the planet.
Key Features:

  • Underground waterways under the major mountain-scapes. Water is heavily infused with sulfur due to the sheer amount of earthquakes that happen here.
  • Frequent storms aid in the shifting of the landscape. These dry storms never bring rain but cause shifts in the ground/clay/sand around the planet much like a desert. These storms crack across the sky with red lightning and can last months at a time.
    Primary Use – While the planet itself is mostly uninhabited, a small sub orbital refueling station is located here. It’s just enough for smaller transport or freighter vehicles. It’s managed by a corporation as it is a key location in their travel routes.
    Population – Almost none unless people crash land. If a crash occurs there is a distress beacon placed there by the company who operates the refueling pods.

Completing this task earns you 5 EXP. +2 EXP if you write about the alien species. Only two people can claim this and its first to submit. You have until 12:00 PM Saturday to complete this.

Loot Crates for Ship Project

As mentioned in the previous ship write up Id be giving some loot / presents from the kajidics. These tools/gifts are a welcoming present from the Hutts for being their newly acquired slaves.

Cody, you don’t get shit.

Group Gift – x5 Comlinks in the ships storage container (low range walk-talkies essentially.) As well as one ship datapad.

Jessy (She’s first because I love her)

  • 1 Sytek Corp utility belt. The handiest and most common item for those who are active in the field. Attached to this a Bantha leather blaster holster. You can hold up to four power packs (Extra Reloads pg183 of core rulebook.) There are three synthetic polymer pouches that come complete with a Sabacc Deck (gambling game), a glow road (attached at the back), a utility knife (3 inch), a micro folded instant tent, and a Breath respirator (small) lasts 4 hrs.
  • 2 Stimpacks. See page 220 for rules on Stimpacks.


  • 1 Sytek Corp. Utility Belt. Includes a bantha leather blaster holster. 4 power pack slots. x2 glow roads. Utility knife. Macro-Cor Security Binders (requires 4 difficulty dice to break out of). x1 Restraining bolt (droid handcuffs)
  • 2 stimpacks and one Sytek Corp heavy canvas jacket. It’s cement grey with square orange patches over the shoulders and on the elbows. The Sytek Logo is on the front left breast with a bursting orange sun scattered apart in a square/helix trailing effect. Jess doesn’t get one, what a loser lol


  • 1 Sytek Corp Utility Belt. Includes a 2 power pack slot, A pair of macrobinoculars, a Sabacc deck, and a hand scanner that can detect micro-fractures / stress points on mechanical objects.
  • 2 Stimpacks and one Sytek Corp heavy canvas jacket. Same as Laurie’s.
  • Sytek Corp synthetic polymer backpack (hard plastic shell). This is for when you buy your additional tools and need to carry them out in the field.
Episode 1.3 - Sunday the 11th - Fire it up, Fire it up!


  • You made it to Nar Shaddaa
  • You encounter a junkie who kept you in his den for a few weeks
  • You did some bad things with Edaara and shook down some innocents.
  • You got your first job and are now under the employ of Sytek Industries (Goottaa the Hutt)
  • Your first job is to do some gun-running. 3200 Patrol grade Blaster Carbines. 1 Box holds 12 carbines. 1 box = 130 lbs. 1 Planetary Cargo truck can hold 32 boxes.
  • You have Sytek false ID’s
  • You all should be Sytek consultants due to the length of time you have lived. This does not give you a good feeling towards being employed by these guys.
  • You are no longer slaves as your title has changed.
  • You met Goottaa’s personal AI. System 6 or “Six”.
  • You have earned a new party member. A droid who was working for the junkie keeper and is now in a ownership predicament.

Loot & EXP

  • Jessy found 5cr in a pocket
  • 10 EXP to all for the session
  • +5 EXP to Cody for some solid Droid RP that stood out to me as being pretty good.
  • Loot crates for the ship will be posted soon for completing the kickstarter project we did.


  • You met a Nautolon with some goons when shaking down a target for Ed. The man was not impressed with your negotiation skills and warned you about coming back around.
  • You watched the patrol ships of Nar Shaddaa come down, pretty much watch a man die for not completing their deal.
  • You witnessed a smuggler/rogue type girl who effortlessly jumped off the Sector21 mall building. The patrol crafts went in pursuit.

Notes – Now that we are getting a better grasp on the system, lets try to stay more in character and get more involved with the scenes. I felt over all the session was decent. It laid a lot of good groundwork for the story. I promise I wont do anymore “clearance/registration” RP (as much as I like that type of stuff. I realize it was boring. Next session Jakkar and Cen will be moved to start assisting with the preparation of the ship so they will no longer be with you guys. Let’s start interpreting the dice together and making our actions go smoother and snappier instead of me coming up with stuff 100%. The key to this system is all of us doing it to make spontaneous and interesting events happen. I want to see what you guys can come up with when interpreting the dice just like I do.

Next Session Preview

  • Gun running and fighting! We did our first combat with Cody/Jess. Combat is brutal in this game which makes it exciting. You guys will go through the Sector21 plate-ways to deliver your goods on time. I will have some random events that may happen on the journey there that will cause problems before you hit the dreaded Sec21 check point. Hope you guys have a game plan, after all; you’re the professionals ;)
PC Write Up
So sad, no RP for a week or two. =(

Icons__2_.png It’s that time again boys and girls where I post homework and you do it.

This weeks post will be a exercise in creative writing for the Galaxy of Star Wars. I feel that you guys are starting to get a better grasp on your characters for the most part, it will take maybe 2-3 more sessions before you guys should be totally “in bloom” so to speak. So I won’t be having you write up something completely about your characters.

This time I want to focus on the group. A collective write-up of sorts where collaboration is needed between the PC’s.

Soon, you guys will be getting your first junker ship. The YT-1300 is a modular ship that can be customized in various different ways. A brand new YT-1300 is around 100,000 to 150,000 credits. You guys will be picking up an old used junker ship which you can utilize your bounty/smuggling pay to upgrade and fix as you see fit.

So, because this is all of your ship. Question #1 is this…

1 What is the new name of your first YT-1300 Ship?

2 Come up with the name of a broken part of your junker ship and how you’re going to replace it. Each post must be vastly different from one another.

3 Your ship will be entered into the HoloNet GSSR, short for Galactic Starship Registry. You can consider this to be the SSN of your ship. It is required by Imperial law to have this number large and visible on the ship for scans. There is also a reader chip-set embedded into the external hull which allows for ease of scanning from patrol vehicles. Anyways, Your Ships number is the first initial of the captain, plus the date of entry, plus the galactic registry code which tells when and how it was registered. There is also an additional number which represents the maker of the craft. This is primarily used for inventory purposes at the time of creation, but leads ship enthusiasts to know immediately who created it. All of this information leads me onto our newest question…. Who is the Captain of your ship? Who is the co-pilot? Who is the quartermaster? Who is the astronavigator? Essentially, I want you to come up with a profile for each job that you have on the ship. Don’t have a mechanic? That’s cool, you can get that repaired at the next star dock. Fill this out according to this template.

4 Traveling through the Galaxy is dangerous, especially when you’re under the thumb of a Hutt. They’re going to have you doing all sorts of jobs that will require you to bend the laws which will require your ship to be outfitted in a such a way that will allow you to skate by. Han Solo had compartments under the walk ways of the Falcon for his smuggling goods, Where/what are yours?
Your ship is going to be a used smuggling ship loaned out to you by one of the Hutt’s. The ship will have some compartments that are hidden or some clever features that allow you to get by when running these illegal operations. Your new task is for each of you to come up with an area of the ship that has some sort of secret component. How do you access it? What makes it so secret or clever?

Come up with a small feature that aids in smuggling cargo and moving high prized bounties that is already built into the ship. It can’t be expensive and something that this junker ship already had embedded into the ship or is added to it. Organize between each of you on which task one of you will be taking based on the below information

Task 1 – A small feature that is part of the ships build. This can be a compartment, a false bottom or a trick door. Small meaning trivial to build but cleverly hidden.

Task 2 – a medium feature that is part of the ships software. This can be a data chip that falsifies the load calculations or a hologram of the ships blue prints that masks the hidden compartments (except now you cant use these examples).

Task 3 – A large feature that greatly aids you in the smuggling / bounty projects. This feature is so crucial to the ships over all design and operation that losing it would cause a major setback. An example of this would be custom firmware that costs 10k credits and allows you to cloak heat signatures on the ship to prevent probing or scanning, or maybe an illegal augmentation to the ship that allows for faster xyz or more precise xyz.

Feel free to answer any questions via email or IM with me. Please note these features (mainly the large one) can be expensive and can count towards these “kickstarter” goals (ie the 10k increases). Please make these realistic. Dont type out that you have a GR9 Hyper-realistic hologram that masks half your ship and is undetectable. A real feature is something handy or beneficial but has faults in its design. You may follow this template if you wish.

How its masked/covered/cleverly hidden:
Relative Cost (Small – 1-5k / medium 6-8k / large 9-15k)
What it does:

Question 5!
Our concluding question wraps up your ship in a tight little package. Here is an overview:

  • Your ship’s net-worth is roughly 40kish
  • The Kajidic’s have left you a gift in your lounge areas.
  • It’s called the Draco MK1.


Your ship is a YT1300 made from Corellian engineering. Your ships is classified as a “Courier” vessel. Meaning moderate cargo, moderate person space; jack of all trades sort of deal. Courier vessels are stereotyped into assuming there are always extra people on board for transport or travel. Your ship is stamped for the following clearance

  • Nothing

Which leads us to your next question. Each security clearance requires licenses and credit payment. A clearance is good for 5 odd years, unless you pay for temp clearance. In order to be able to do certain things while traveling through space you will need these passes. Essentially when your ship is scanned or boarded they will link into the computer to see what your legalities are. All ships are defined by something. Yours being a courier your only real clearance would be to enter/exit orbital pulls, dock on basic stations and stay within the laws of a transport/courier vessal (such as weight limits and crew capacity). This is automatically branded for the life of the ship by Corellian Engineering and can be scanned from beyond the ships chasis.

Your question is to make up a sort of clearance or boarding pass that you guys will be given by the Hutt. These will be given upon your first job and are required to do any and everything

  • Ship trading in and around Hutt Space
  • Clearance to enter the Outer / Inner / Core
  • Clearance to trade in the Outer/Inner/Core

There are also various “bundle” licenses. Such as a Bounty Hunter license comes with Policing clearance, patrol clearance and Patrol Port landing clearance, etc etc.
For ease of standardization (and because we dont need to be tracking clearances down to a nitpick) you guys will have the necessary ones to fly, haul cargo and manage transporting people, but there are some clearances that are a bit unknown. Ones that give you a bit of an edge with certain factions, maybe its a chip on the side of your ship that says you’re pirate friendly, or maybe its a retro looking sigil painted on the side of the ship advertising Jeowak’s Cold Brews on your home planet, which doubles as a smuggling den and a place for you to lay low..or maybe its a nod towards being a rebel supporter, but the Empire would REALLY have to dig deep to know what jarbled code/sigil or paint means.

Create a small clearance title, sigil, banner, decal on the ship, matrixcode, software, or whatever buzzword/location/symbol you can come up with that represents a sort of clearance from your HOME world. This is something you will manually put it or register with the right offices when you get your ship, depending on how you write it. The template is as followed:

PLEASE NOTE Do not make something that we already know about your character. I want this to be a new and fresh idea for RP. Meaning, Jess don’t add your old crew’s mark. Laurie don’t add bounty hunting stuff, etc. It can still be from your past (obviously) but i don’t want this associated with the core personality/archetype/job/profession/skillset you are.

  • Name of the Boon:
  • What is it? Sigil? Barcode? Banner? Decal?
  • What does it do for you or your crew? Please make this a minor boon with downsides. EG – A place to lay low for awhile, but its in a very shady den. EG – Can clear with the bounty hunting family, but my family sigil is not exactly loved by everyone so its also a target board.
  • What is the downside/downfall to carrying this clearance or mark?
  • What does it look like?

There are a total of 5 questions that cover various aspects of the ship and character involvement. I will treat this like a kick starter, so here are the Tier rewards.

  • Answering Question 1 unlocks Question 2 Unlocked!
  • Answering Question 2 unlocks Question 3 and increases the used value of your ship by 10,000. (The shittiest used YT-1300 is around 20,000 credits) Unlocked!
  • Answering Question 3 unlocks Question 4 and unlocks Character Lockers within the ship, with a free gift from the Cartel for each of your characters.-Unlocked!
    -* Answering Question 4 unlocks Question 5 and increases the used value of your ship by an additional 10,000.
  • Answering Question 5 completes all achievements and earns you some extra Fire-Power for your ship. =)

Anyways, have fun guys. I’ll be watching/waiting!

Episode 1.2 - Formos - and Beyond


  • PC’s were introduced firmly this time.
  • Slave days are hard. Laurie had to whip people.
  • You all discovered that the operation that Bandin had in place was not entirely what it seemed. After some slicing completed by Twai-fuck, he determined that there was a low pulsing broadcast echoing into Hutt-Space. Turns out Bandin was forging/spoofing the vital statistics of the original Overseers(hutt) on Formos. Bandin made a life around helping and assisting the Cartel and was no longer in debt. Before Formos came under Bandin’s rule, the Hutt who ran the place was slowly dying. Bandin received a broadcast to bring in some core-world medicine to help him. Bandin dropped everything he was doing, picked up the medicine and headed straight back to Formos. After curing Jarwega of his illness, Badnin discovered that he was extracting some resources off the planet. Bandin, thinking he was in the good graces of the Hutt, offered to help him with the shipments. Jarwega scoffed and told him to deliver a parcel and that they would not be sharing any duties or responsibilities. After agreeing to Hutt’s orders, he was an hour out of Formos and decided “Fuck it” and broke the Smuggler’s code. He looked into the parcel and ended up crashing his ship from the poison/drug like effect that permeated the ships cabins. Jarwega found him stranded and took him into his den. After questioning, Bandin caved and told him what had happened; the torture was too much – literally. Bandin was tossed into a pit beneath Jarwega’s den to be forgotten about. Bandin, with some assistance, managed to notify some of his contacts and it wasnt long before reinforcements came. They came during the night and usurped the Hutt’s den by force, killing most of the guards and men. The Gamorrean thugs were easily converted to the new ruler; Bandin. Bandin pushed the Hutt into the den where he starved to death.
  • Now that Formos was under Bandin’s rule, this made since to spoof the vital stats of the Hutts. After much RP you all learned that the drug “Smoke” was being extracted and Bandin was expecting a big payout.
  • Geran, using his computer skills, send an open broadcast out into Hutt Space with a simple message – “Help on Formos. Find the Twai’fuck.” or something along those lines.
  • The Cartel sent a small armada of men and mercs, thinking the place was under swarm or attack. What they found out was just that Bandin was in rule with their Hutt missing in action.
  • Twai-fuck ratted out Bandin. Bandin and his crew were arrested. The guardsmen were promoted and indoctrinated into the Cartel’s shadow. Because of Twai-fucks rat mouth and a new contract the PC’s were able to earn their freedom and get some new employment under the Hutt’s….
  • The contract read that they would knock off credits to their debt based upon the Smoke they extracted from Formos. However, the Smoke was already owned by the Cartel, which simply put the PC’s in a now general sinking debt with the Southern Hutt Cartels.

Discoveries, EXP & Loot

  • There is an underground hanger/warehouse under the sands of Formos.
  • You guys are getting your first ship. The Twaifuckian Falcon.
  • EXP for Saturday – 13
  • EXP for Sunday – 10
  • Loot – Freedom and some rock’n clothes from dead people!

Misc / Other

  • Additional posts to follow. Please stand by.
PC Questionnaire


There are a few things I would like you guys to immediately know about each of your characters. These things may or may not drive the campaign, but its something I want written out on a document or email. These things are going to be used for my GMing and for you to remember about your chars and played well. So here they are. Please send these to me in an email. I will post the end criteria within each question below (as I want a verbose or short answer on some)

  • Question/Entry One Provide me with two realistic short-term goals that your character is trying to reach. These answers should not be related to slavery like, I’d like to live for a few more years! or freedom! I want two goals that represent your character outside of the slave-hold, but they can be a product of your slavery.


  1. I want to own a landspeeder. My last owner had one and allowed me to pilot it, it wasn’t mine but it was the most freeing feeling I ever had.
  2. I want to visit Planet XYZ. I heard XYZ is there and I’ve always wanted to see it, etc etc.

Note – A short term goal should be something that, once freedom has been obtained, is feasible within 1-6 months.

  • Question/Entry Two Provide me with a concise explanation of your Obligation and Motivation. I’d like roughly 3-5 sentences on this one. I want to be able to read it and know exactly how these work for you guys. I will be making small profiles for each of you that I can just glance down at and read throughout the campaign so try to make them as clear/short as possible.


  1. Obligation – I’ve been indebted to a Hutt for the better part of my life. He paid for my mothers freedom which he deemed worthy of 500,000 credits. I’ll never get out of this slump. He is the reason why I got caught and thrown into slavery in the first place because he had me running all over the place doing his dirty work. He currently resides in the Hutt Sector of the Galaxy and im just another credit chip to him.
  2. Motivation – My skill-set is what drives me due to the way my life has been. I wish to devour all knowledge in my path so that I can raise up from any situation. My current interest is in mechanics. I’ve been collecting the odds and ends in my journey. I lost most of them due to moving around so much, but I’ve gained enough opportunity from my more kind masters, or those in my travels to know just enough…for when freedom strikes.

  • Question/Entry Three What is your current disposition towards The Empire. Is it seething hatred? tolerance? disinterest? naive? From the research I’ve done the Empire pretty much paints a pretty picture that they are doing the right thing in the Core Worlds. The Core Worlds profit and benefit off them greatly. When you get to the Colonies, they are a mixed bag; but most will see the benefit of their rule. Everything beyond the Colonies (see the Map Section of this website) are were the true oppression lies. The Inner Rim/Expansion areas are were the predominant resources are; which means struggle for control with varies mega-corporations and empire sympathizers/barons/kings, etc. I add this bit of info because I would imagine where you are from dictates this opinion. I realize some of you have been slaves for a majority of your life but perhaps you have fond memories of the Empires good nature if you were Core-born. Perhaps in your slave-travels you were owned by some Empire ambassadors, keepers or overseers and they treated you the best; maybe your only opinion of them is naive since you only encountered one and he treated you just and fairly. Anyway, I think you guys get the picture on this one.

  • Question/Entry Four In one sentence or less, describe your character in a nutshell. How the world views her.


  1. A tough, lost soul; searching for enough credits to march into the flames of war for what has been done to him.
  2. A kind hearted, broken slave looking to see her home town one last time before she goes.
  3. An ex-rebel hero, drowning his sorrows in drink to pass time before his 1,000th smuggling run. Damn it’s been that long already….?
Episode 1.1 - Introducing the Crew


  • PC’s were introduced roughly. Tweaks will be made for this as we hodgepodged all the character stuff together.
  • Slavers were introduced, but no names were given. No one introduced themselves to you pretty much the entire session. This was to reflect how meaningless you all are.
  • You found out that the people who run the small city and spaceport have been keeping fresh water locked up without the general citizenry’s knowledge.
  • You went through general Health Inspections, Labor Inspections, Finance explanations for being a slave. Outlook not so good.
  • You witnessed a Y-Wing starfighter land on the Formos Star-Port. Your main slaver seemed annoyed or concerned.

Discoveries, EXP & Loot

  • 5 EXP for the great RP. I know we did not do much but it seemed like you guys were in good character. Please keep that pretty consistent, it was awesome!
  • Bril’Han discovered a circuit chip worth roughly 700 credits. It’s hidden in his shoe. Will it be safe from discovery there?
  • The turbine in the center of the town is used to spin the filtration system buried beneath the cold sands. It seems to be broken however, as silt/dirt is seeping into the reserves.
  • There is an old broken star-port on the north side of town. Remnants of the old port is scattered all around with heaps of junk and busted rusted parts.
  • The town seems to have an ample amount of junk peppered across the area – perhaps there is more?
  • The Slavers, despite the town being a shit hole, seem to have a good grasp on slavery. From documenting your health in data pads all the way to even paying you… even if it’s shit pay.
  • The Slavers also seem to have a bit of technology. Droids are used to help in the mining structures and they have enough credits to afford some doors with electronic passkeys.

Misc / Other

  • I will be posting a small character questionnaire to fill out. I know it’s Thursday, but try to have it completed. It will only be minor questions. I will post this soon.

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