A Far Echo

New Adventures

Ok guys,

I sent the document i typed up. Please read through them and post here on what is the most interesting idea that you would like to explore or your favorite.

Episode 1.9 - Resurgence


  • Bril’han got the power working a bit on the ship
  • Found out there is a group of things down in the dark tunnels called Reavers, they are known for their brutal trapping efforts.
  • Found a sprawling complex of dozens upon dozens of exits/entryways into the lower subsectors.
  • Found out Chemlizards bite hard.
  • Found some remnants of a forgotten society.
  • Now you’re about to be mugged by junker droids. One even tricked you, said help me! the nerve!




I know this session was sparse on movement in general, little progress as we spoke out of game what the direction of the campaign will be. Everyone seems to be ok with following my story line rather than branching away and doing stuff as a group and making the direction themselves. I will start ironing out the Story more. The Nemesis has already been introduced and ground work laid out. Brief outline is as followed:

  • Empire had some Kyber Crystals
  • Kyber Crystals were stolen by multiple groups during an attack on a Imperial Corvette.
  • There was 36 boxes missing from the ruptured Imperial Corvette’s cargo bay. The Empire manages to recapture 30 of those boxes in as little as 6 spanning months.
  • 6 Boxes were smuggled into Nar Shaddaa by Ed and his goons with other peoples assistance.
  • Black Sun wants the boxes back and made an arrangement with Ed and Gootaa the Hutt.
  • Discovered here that they are Kyber Crystals
  • Cyanna and Darro filled in the gaps on why it went missing, who attacked and a bit on what these Crystals are/do.
  • After 7 Betrays to Gootaa you escaped, stole one of the boxes in one final 18th betrayal (phew!)
  • Now you’re all on the run with 5.2 million credits worth of loot. You shit ass PC’s are in over your head.

Please post in fine bullet point order each one of your obligations. I need to re-arrange and re-tool the bounties now that you’re “free”.

The Junko MK2 & The Future

So I thought we could assess the situation about the ship. I’m not sure if you guys noticed but its broken.

The campaign has turned from “We have vehicles and potential money flow from our employer.” to “We now have no resources and are on the run especially because the patrols are under the Kajidic payroll.”

So what we’re looking at is this…to give you guys some perspective on what needs to be accomplished and purchased.

  1. You have no credits because of the amount of betrains that happened. What little creds you have needs to be reserved for bribes or coercion attempts.
  2. You have no money to fly. Meaning you need to stow-away, hide, or walk from Sector to Sector which is not an easy task. I suppose you can also steal a ship.
  3. You have weapons, which will allow you to mug or steal from other people if you can get back to civilization.
  4. You need disguises while you’re in the lower sectors. Remember; Gootaa has influence all the way up to Sector 42 (as this is where the Bank Depot was located)

The ship came out of the mechanics bay prematurely. If you look at my previous post I put in issues that it was going to have as if it was mostly fixed and flyable. However, since things took a different turn you’re looking at taking on the repair costs yourselves rather than Gootaa assisting. See what happens when you betray your Lord and Lover Gootaa. :P

Note The issues listed below are as if Bril’han and X are working on the ship with no mechanic/labor fee’s.

  • The electronics are hosed but can be fixed entirely with about 500 credits in parts.
  • The nav computer and com relay systems are dismantled and shoddy. The droid brain is serving as a workaround, but wont work for long due to the circuitry issues. This will run you about 1,000 credits to fix the problems.
  • The central processing computer needs minor repairs. This was primarily being worked on by Gootaa’s engineering team. About 50-100 credits in parts can replace what is needed here.
  • The inside hull plating will be one of the most expensive jobs. This includes the refurbishing/retrofitting of missing wall panels, walkways and inner heat shielding; especially around the engineering/engine bays. This will cost around 6,000 credits to fix, as Durasteel is required in the manufacturing. This can be replaced with rusted/scrap for 3700 but makes the ship a lot weaker.
  • The fixing of the engine thrusters requires the rest of the engine assembly to be properly put together. The engines actually work just fine but were disconnected during the refurb process. To pull apart the engine and reassemble everything in proper order you need a Class 1 Mechanics bay to do. A single person can put this together with the assistance of machinery in the course of 2 weeks, working 8 hrs each day. A team of 16 can do this in 8 hrs including testing, diagnostics and refueling.
  • The cargo bay door and security hatches each require a 500 credit fix. There are 2 internal doors and the external one with the exposed wires/pneumatics totalling around 1500.
  • The nav computer does not interface with the Hyperdrive either, that is a 2500 part fix.
  • Hyperdrive motivator set is damaged and requires replacement; 2,000 credit fix.
  • Turret wiring is shot, only allowing a 180 degree spin and miscommuncations with the ammo bay. 700 credits to fix.
    Last but not least, the Ship needs replacing, around 50k..kidding
    Last but not least – the transponder relay and satellite doesn’t exist. A new one will be required. This costs roughly 5,000 credits to fix.


  • The ship requires 17 to 20,000 credits in fixes. This does not include luxury features covered on the initial Draco MK schematics such as the POD module and the Bacta tank fix. This price reflects a portion of the cost that did not get to be finished by the engineers as you guys were still around 2 weeks out before everything was a go. The ship can fly and travel through the hyperlanes of space for 10,000 credits but you will have limitations of your offensive/defensive capabilities.
  • Essentially you need to come up with the 17-20k credits. Doing jobs, robbing people, stealing, securing a loan from the bank or from a loan shark (putting you in more obligation) are all options.
  • Keep in mind you are on the run. Now more than ever are your skill sets and pre-planning the single most important aspect. I would use this open forum or your Google Chat to start planning…..you all have a long road ahead of you. Another thing to discuss is the “What now?” What do you guys want to do as a group? Investigate Darro and the Kyber Crystals? Leave this planet and change your names? The sandbox is open and a direction NEEDs to be made by Saturday morning.
  • This is just my initial quote; things can obviously change as I made shit up on the go but I just wanted to give you a rough overview of why your ship was flying the way it does.

The Misc

  • Jakkar and Cen managed to steal some of Gootaa’s weaponry from his armory as they were trusted. You may add the following items to your group loot and divide them as you see fit
  1. x2 Good Quality Holdout Blasters
  2. 1 Stun Gernade
  3. x3 Combat Knives
  4. x1 Vibro-sword
  5. x2 Light Blaster Pistols – Good Quality
  6. x2 reload charges

Plus all the other shit inside your lockers that was gifted to you.

Episode 1.8 - The Tides are Changing


  • Delivered the Fish man to Cyanna
  • Turns out it was a test
  • Cyanna offered an exchange for information on Darro which is still available to the PC’s
  • Cyanna essentially weaved the following info which was backed up with a bit of extra information from Darro.
    The Empire was attacked by a swarm of unknown starships and frigates. They ultimately drove the force off but took a hit to the cargo bay and lost several important boxes. This news spread rapidly throughout the Outer Rim as it happened relatively locally in Teth (see map). Cyanna provided a bit of information on the Kyber Crystals. That they are potent crystals that allow for the harnessing of plasma based energy, typically weaponized. She mentioned that there are differences between Kyber Crystals as their properties can be synthetically mimicked. Synthetic stones change the reaction in focused plasma to a red energy while true or natural crystals can emit various different colors; typically blue and green. Cyanna is concerned that Darro is working for the Empire as he is sort of a “Golden Child” in the Hutt ranks due to the Ves (last name) legacy. Apparently the Ves clan wears a Mandalore helm as they have killed some in the past (allegedly). Because the news of the boxes have been missing, the Empire has put out a massive reward for them. No one knows what is in the boxes, and the Empire stresses not to open but to return them for a 650k credit reward. Darro backed a lot of this information up, but painted a much larger scale impact of just “who” exactly is looking for these. Cyanna is bitter about the gifts given to Darro and would like to see him fall as she has worked so hard in her life for recognition, while Darro was born into the Hutt’s graces by his father/family legacy. (I think I covered all the important bits)
  • After the delivery you were interrogated by Darro
  • Team lead told you all not to say anything; you all spilled the beans immediately.
  • Team lead demanded Darro to be shot as they did not want him to escape knowing the boxes were at Gootaa’s
  • Darro took Jessy hostage and was surrounded by Bril’han and Cyanna
  • Darro shot the window in the rest area and jumped out above the sector as he did not want to be taken alive. Cyanna took off running demanding his body be found.
  • Realizing that the beans had been spilled and not many options were left; the PC’s decided to try to escape.
  • Multiple attempts were thwarted, eventually they made their way to the taxi docks at Gootaa’s palace where Cen and Jakkar pulled up with a fresh new, mint condition YT1300 where you all zipped off and escaped with no issues….
    ….wait Bril’han actually almost died, your ship is a piece of shit (worse than you probably anticipated) and you parked in a deep underground facility in an unknown part of the sub sectors of the 21 depths. You saw search lights scanning the area, remained quiet and eventually heard slurping noises where the session ended.

Loot & EXP

  • 15 EXP to all
  • A YT-1300 Ship! Wow! What a find!


You’re free! and now you’re on the run.

Episode 1.7 - We made it
"...A group that will not turn the tides of the smuggling industry and bring about an age of maimed pirates."

Kidding kidding…


  • The Heist went off without a hitch! right?
  • Jenora beat the shit out of a cop
  • Jenora is still a rat
  • Jenora lost an eye.
  • Bri’han sliced into a bank
  • Bri’han had a hack off.
  • 3PX worked a drill
  • 3PX tried to act like a stupid droid.
  • Vargas learned the ways of the criminal organization
  • Vargas unlocked Kajidic dirt respect.
  • You’re all moving up in the criminal organization.
  • Turns out the heist was all a big fat lie. Who saw that coming, amirite? Jess did. :P
  • We’re at Episode 1.7…by Episode 2 you all should be full fledged pirates!? right? :)

Loot and EXP

  • No loot
  • 10 EXP for showing up. 10 EXP for some good RP progression towards my nags. We’re getting there..slowly but surely.


Next session should see some dramatic changes or directions in your characters. You’ve betrayed the Hutt Kajidics many times and in turn they have betrayed/tested you every step of the way. You can now see the manipulation and con game they play. The only difference is that they live for up to 2k years, do you? Time to show your position. At the start up the campaign in Formos we are marking the 2-3 month mark in the campaign (potentially more). With all the utter tiresome bullshit that occurs take some time to reflect on your characters actions and the things she has been forced to do. Does this have any bearing on how your characters will act in the future? It should. Good job guys! +2 EXP if you type out a Haiku about your character. Gogogogogo

The Heist - Bank Depot - S42-S17
Sector 42 - Subsection 17



The Overview

System 6 You are to break-in to a small bank depot. The depot doubles as a vault storage for the middle to upper sector class citizens. Citizens can pay for the use of a nearby vault through the Galactic Bank main branch offices. In vault 7, storage hold 74B there is an object stored there from a corporation known as Diak Synthetics. It is stored in what is called a vol-box. Vol-boxes are destroyed immediately when they are taken from a hard-coded proximity area. You are to steal this box and bring it back to Gootaa; you’re Lord and Master and loving Father.

The Details

There are currently three accessible areas that you can see from the holo-schematics.

  • Entry One, Air – Accessing the place from the Rooftop and going by way of ventilation systems.
  • Entry Two, Subterranean – Accessing the bank from beneath the plate-ways.
  • Entry Three, Ground – Accessing the bank from ground/plate level.

Note – there may be more entrances or ways to get in beyond these three obvious choices

The Problems

  • The place has (yellow triangle) turrets all over the parameter. They are medium range auto targeting turrets that can be manually controlled from the Master Terminal.
  • The turrets are anti-air and anti-personnel. They have three barrels and can swap between Ion Bursts, Stun or Lethal.
  • Each (red square) guard tower stands around 20 feet high and have auto/manual spot lights.
  • The (green dotted) laser fence is a double laser gate that surrounds the entire compound. There are inherit problems with these but serve as a large detriment to would be thieves.
  • The vol-box collapses/blows up if taken from the unknown proximity; effectively destroying the contents.

The Entry Problems

  • Each (orange) door is secured by a key-card and electronic lock.
  • The main Security (grey) gates open one at a time. One will only open if the other is closed.
  • Time management is a huge problem (Guard Response time / Back up response time / Security triggers)
  • Guards and their guns.
  • Turrets
  • Drill issues (if drilling from beneath)
  • Obtaining key card, potentially fooling/lying to the guards or disguising as someone else could lead to immediate failure.
  • No idea if this place has a back up generator or a hot-site for their security.
  • The incineration / cleanse of the sewer rodents.

The Boons

  • The main power cell for the entire 10 block power grid is located nearby.
  • The turrets are magnetized but omni-directional on a spherical apparatus
  • The turrets have no wires, meaning they are remote/wireless.
  • The ventilation system goes throughout the entire complex, but you have no idea of the security in place in the vaults.
  • It’s a small compound, response times may be lengthy..but who knows.
  • You have 7 days to complete the job and prep for it.
  • You have access to a large quantity of tools to get the job done, such as an Ion Rifle and a ship if roof access is desired.
  • There are easy entrances into the Plateway

The Task

  • You have this entire week to plan together for this heist. The way this works is you all need to discuss HOW you want to do this. You can go to impress Gootaa with a hail of gun fire or you can sneak in like ninjas. Please note – What is displayed here are NOT the only options. There are dozens of other ways that this can be accomplished. This is the initial report that System 6 is giving you.
  • Questions can be asked in the below comment boxes and I will respond accordingly. Once the interrogations are complete we will jump right into the Heist.
  • When it is all said and done I want an full inventory check of what you will be bringing to the heist. A light-side token flip for items will be locked out during this mission. What you bring is what you have.
  • There are ways to earn EXP for this collaboration that are hidden. EXP will be earned as a whole, not individually.
  • Failure to have a fleshed out job by the time RP arrives next week will result in you being faggots and 4 years will pass as you guys will not come up with a solution. :P
  • The key to making this job easier is by asking questions. There is SO much grey area / unmentioned things about this ENTIRE bank depot and its surroundings or tools used that can be discovered.
  • Remember to plan the heist how you want to do it from a cool perspective without regard to tools/trip ups, etc. This is your scene to show that your smuggling crew is more than just an asset. After you play the scene out how you want to do it or how cool you want to present it then worry about how to accomplish that or get to those points. Gootaa may not have 100% everything you want, but he has some janky stuff that can help you reach that goal! =)

please note failure to complete this objective will result in no more second chances from Gootaa. I typed this all up without spell check or grammatical checks so go stuff a dude if you see anything wrong with it.

Episode 1.5 and 1.6 - Trouble a'brewin
Fire it up.


  • The investigation went terribly.
  • Bril’han made a enemy of a child.
  • After showing the murder case/video to Ed, he spilled the beans on the COMPNOR Box.
  • Turns out that COMPNOR is something important for the New Order.
  • COMPNOR box was ripped off by the Black Sun and was asked to be smuggled in by Ed and his goons.
  • Ed was late on the shipment, so the Blacksun killed one of his girls. As a counter-attack Ed was planning on taking all the girls, selling the boxes and paying Gootaa off. He needed some skillful soldiers in the mix so he planned on bringing you guys. You guys agreed to it, but still did not know that 3PX was recording everything as a Gootaa spy.
  • Sius, a new NPC was introduced. He surrounded the place as the live recording caused Gootaa to send reinforcements to secure the COMPNOR boxes.
  • Sius was there to deliver a message and get the boxes back.
  • Corruption spread to the corruptible and everyone lied to the Black Sun and Gootaa by faking Ed’s death. His death was required to move on from the scene but Gootaa wanted the PC’s to handle the kill. With subtlety, 3PX switched his blaster to stun and mocked Ed’s death. Sius didn’t buy it but they all decided to play along to appease Gootaa. Sius, allegedy belonging to the Black Sun :P, decided it would be better to take the loss and minimally get his boxes returned. The faces of everyone agreed to the silence and let Ed live.
  • Poor Gootaa felt betrayed. His children stabbed him in the heart so he decided to lay out a punishment, but not before giving them a new task; the Heist.
  • The Heist details and map drawing will be posted later so Geran can see. A plan needs to be discussed and be ready for next Saturday! :D
  • You guys walked around, met some NPC’s at the bazaar/mall/market/shopping area. You met a new race; the Zheltrus who are weird as shit.

Loot & EXP

  • 10 EXP for Episode 1.5 and 10 EXP for 1.6. the initial 10 was already claimed by everyone except Geran.
  • 5 extra EXP for a very awesome/solid idea for Cody with the fake blaster idea.
  • 2 EXP Mandalauriann and Jess for some great strides in RP last night.

Performance Evaluation

  • I thought last night session was fun. I could see you guys were trying about the initial discussion. I do apologize if it seems like I’m harping, i’m not! I thought you guys all did very well and we had some cool scenes. Hopefully we get some cool plans from everyone for the Heist. Start discussing it with each other asap, maybe get a email string going or open a forum post here on the site…google talk conference, etc. I will be posting the Heist map (both floors) as well as some extra details to help you guys break in and get this object Gootaa wants.

Hey guys, I haven’t really separated a time frame at the end of the session for GM critiques. I’d like to use this forum as sort of open mic type of deal for complaints / nit picks / suggestions. So far I haven’t received any, which I suppose is a good thing but I feel like that’s not possible lol.

Don’t feel like you’re gonna hurt my feelings or whatever, I just like to see or hear this type of feedback during new games or new rule-sets so I can focus on getting better.

Critiques for myself:

  • I’m still lost as to how the expectation of the game is supposed to be played or presented, both from the games perspective and you guys. I.E – Do you want a more true Star Wars feel (screen slides, light humor, quick action, quick scenes) or do we want it the way I have been managing it with some extras…or maybe none at all.
  • I need to master the rule-set better, I am working towards this by reading the book / rules now (everyday really)

Anyway, please let me know if you guys have anything; even if its a minor gripe or change. :D


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