A Far Echo

Episode 1.3 - Sunday the 11th - Fire it up, Fire it up!


  • You made it to Nar Shaddaa
  • You encounter a junkie who kept you in his den for a few weeks
  • You did some bad things with Edaara and shook down some innocents.
  • You got your first job and are now under the employ of Sytek Industries (Goottaa the Hutt)
  • Your first job is to do some gun-running. 3200 Patrol grade Blaster Carbines. 1 Box holds 12 carbines. 1 box = 130 lbs. 1 Planetary Cargo truck can hold 32 boxes.
  • You have Sytek false ID’s
  • You all should be Sytek consultants due to the length of time you have lived. This does not give you a good feeling towards being employed by these guys.
  • You are no longer slaves as your title has changed.
  • You met Goottaa’s personal AI. System 6 or “Six”.
  • You have earned a new party member. A droid who was working for the junkie keeper and is now in a ownership predicament.

Loot & EXP

  • Jessy found 5cr in a pocket
  • 10 EXP to all for the session
  • +5 EXP to Cody for some solid Droid RP that stood out to me as being pretty good.
  • Loot crates for the ship will be posted soon for completing the kickstarter project we did.


  • You met a Nautolon with some goons when shaking down a target for Ed. The man was not impressed with your negotiation skills and warned you about coming back around.
  • You watched the patrol ships of Nar Shaddaa come down, pretty much watch a man die for not completing their deal.
  • You witnessed a smuggler/rogue type girl who effortlessly jumped off the Sector21 mall building. The patrol crafts went in pursuit.

Notes – Now that we are getting a better grasp on the system, lets try to stay more in character and get more involved with the scenes. I felt over all the session was decent. It laid a lot of good groundwork for the story. I promise I wont do anymore “clearance/registration” RP (as much as I like that type of stuff. I realize it was boring. Next session Jakkar and Cen will be moved to start assisting with the preparation of the ship so they will no longer be with you guys. Let’s start interpreting the dice together and making our actions go smoother and snappier instead of me coming up with stuff 100%. The key to this system is all of us doing it to make spontaneous and interesting events happen. I want to see what you guys can come up with when interpreting the dice just like I do.

Next Session Preview

  • Gun running and fighting! We did our first combat with Cody/Jess. Combat is brutal in this game which makes it exciting. You guys will go through the Sector21 plate-ways to deliver your goods on time. I will have some random events that may happen on the journey there that will cause problems before you hit the dreaded Sec21 check point. Hope you guys have a game plan, after all; you’re the professionals ;)
Loot Crates for Ship Project

As mentioned in the previous ship write up Id be giving some loot / presents from the kajidics. These tools/gifts are a welcoming present from the Hutts for being their newly acquired slaves.

Cody, you don’t get shit.

Group Gift – x5 Comlinks in the ships storage container (low range walk-talkies essentially.) As well as one ship datapad.

Jessy (She’s first because I love her)

  • 1 Sytek Corp utility belt. The handiest and most common item for those who are active in the field. Attached to this a Bantha leather blaster holster. You can hold up to four power packs (Extra Reloads pg183 of core rulebook.) There are three synthetic polymer pouches that come complete with a Sabacc Deck (gambling game), a glow road (attached at the back), a utility knife (3 inch), a micro folded instant tent, and a Breath respirator (small) lasts 4 hrs.
  • 2 Stimpacks. See page 220 for rules on Stimpacks.


  • 1 Sytek Corp. Utility Belt. Includes a bantha leather blaster holster. 4 power pack slots. x2 glow roads. Utility knife. Macro-Cor Security Binders (requires 4 difficulty dice to break out of). x1 Restraining bolt (droid handcuffs)
  • 2 stimpacks and one Sytek Corp heavy canvas jacket. It’s cement grey with square orange patches over the shoulders and on the elbows. The Sytek Logo is on the front left breast with a bursting orange sun scattered apart in a square/helix trailing effect. Jess doesn’t get one, what a loser lol


  • 1 Sytek Corp Utility Belt. Includes a 2 power pack slot, A pair of macrobinoculars, a Sabacc deck, and a hand scanner that can detect micro-fractures / stress points on mechanical objects.
  • 2 Stimpacks and one Sytek Corp heavy canvas jacket. Same as Laurie’s.
  • Sytek Corp synthetic polymer backpack (hard plastic shell). This is for when you buy your additional tools and need to carry them out in the field.
Quick Challenge!

Each Sector/Solar system in the galaxy has multiple planets, stars, or anomalies.

Put on your creative caps and write me up a motha fuckin planet/star/etc for Star Wars.

Follow this template:

Name of Point of Interest:
Atmosphere Level: I.E is it breathable with or without an apparatus.
Quick description –
Two key features of the planet. I want this non-spice oriented.
What is the main purpose of this planet.
What is it’s population or primary inhabitant. If its an alien species please make up a name.
If you make up an alien species use this template:

Name –
Brief Description –
Key Features -

Example Planet

Name – Davidia
Atmosphere – 43% breathable.
Quick Description – A rocky outer-rim planet that is covered by a sulfuric orange tinge in the mountainous regions of the planet.
Key Features:

  • Underground waterways under the major mountain-scapes. Water is heavily infused with sulfur due to the sheer amount of earthquakes that happen here.
  • Frequent storms aid in the shifting of the landscape. These dry storms never bring rain but cause shifts in the ground/clay/sand around the planet much like a desert. These storms crack across the sky with red lightning and can last months at a time.
    Primary Use – While the planet itself is mostly uninhabited, a small sub orbital refueling station is located here. It’s just enough for smaller transport or freighter vehicles. It’s managed by a corporation as it is a key location in their travel routes.
    Population – Almost none unless people crash land. If a crash occurs there is a distress beacon placed there by the company who operates the refueling pods.

Completing this task earns you 5 EXP. +2 EXP if you write about the alien species. Only two people can claim this and its first to submit. You have until 12:00 PM Saturday to complete this.

Episode 1.4 - Saturday - Ground work for a fresh start
Ah c'mon!


  • You betrayed your employer and got sacked on the very first job.
  • You’re now not even allowed to talk to your employer now because you fucked up so hard.
  • Your employer gave you a thank you for betraying him by cutting B-han’s arm off.
  • You’re all lucky to be alive for being such shit criminals, :P
  • You now work with low end scum and in the twi’fuck sex business.
  • You sleep in a single room with each other, cluttered together listening to the loud thump of the club music.
  • Club attracts bounders, Schmouny Hunters and Diggles. ___
  • You were given a job which i rushed through and will be making an extra post about as I rushed the ideas. They will be presented in better light and not towards the end of the night and gives Cody a chance to read this.

Loot & Exp

10 EXP for the session.

I will be writing up some practice exercises to help with the dice interpretation. These will be optional.

The Inner Ring - Contract 1 and 2 Details

Contract One

Primary Contact
Sector 21 Sub-District 9. South End Planetary Vehicle garage, 17th Floor.
The Who
A group of 5 individuals who “intercepted” a COMPNOR box from Ed and his men.
The What
The box needs to be retrieved, and their bodies need to be riddled with blaster-charges.
The When
The How
Carbines. They are already expecting Ed’s men and have hold themselves up in the Mechanics Bay of the 17th Floor bay.


While you don’t know much information as you’re likely not privy to it. The short of it is that Ed has some business arrangements for a shipment. Part of the shipment was hijacked and they lost some goods, one of them being a very important box. A chase occurred where Ed’s men and his Patrol officers cornered them in the subsector. The patrol craft merely provided the intelligence but refuses to get their hands dirty in such crimes. After the tip, the officers fled the scene giving Ed a certain amount of time to get this taken care of. Ed is sending you and expecting the box to come back in one piece.

Contract Two

Primary Contact
E.T or Ed
The Secen Plateway Complex. Room 5,245.
The Who
A murdered girl who belonged to Ed.
The What
The investigation. Apparently, Ed seems to believe that this the doing of a serial killer that has been running around and has a claim to fame in the Sector 21 – 27 areas.he sectors have come to fear him under the moniker – “The Moniker” just kidding. His name has spread through the districts of various different names and titles but his signature is he keeps the eyes of his victims. Her eyes are missing, so this is really his only lead.
The When
After the COMPNOR box. This takes a much much higher priority than the killed girl…
The How
The Patrol Officers have been paid to stay out of this. He is personally looking into this himself. It may or may not be this crazed serial killer, and its up to you guys to find out with any assistance and investigative skills you can find.

The girls name was Scai Inna, one of Ed’s popular girls. Her background was actual from Sector 5 and he pulled her out of that muck to bring her into the cleaner airspace. A lot of the girls look to Ed as a father figure, this girl was no difference judging from the holo-images she had of him in the apartment; obsessively so. We will get more into what the apartment looks like at the time of the investigation. There is not much background here as you don’t know their history, maybe someone should look into this.

Dice Interpretation Practice

Scenario One

You’re in a high-speed speeder chase with a Stormtrooper who just took off with your stolen relic. He’s about 20 miles out in a canyon and is rapidly closing the gap on his transport where he will be off and free from your pursuits. You know once he reaches that check-point, there will be too many Stormtroopers to deal with and you will have to duck out.

You manage to catch up to him partly, putting a large strain on your throttle to squeeze every ounce of energy out of this old rickety beast. The engine stutters and chokes, plumes of smoke start to flow into your face and you go spiraling into blindness rapidly. Through the small clearings of smoke, you see you’re about to hit several branches from some old dead trees in the forgotten canyon.

WAP the first one hits you. You roll a Planetary Vehicle check to maintain your composure and suffer the following results:

No Successes, 2 failures and 1 threat.

Write me the results of this, as well as if the roll was..

1 Success, 2 Advantage, 1 Threat.

Note – Remember you’re in control of what happens on a minor scale creatively. Use this bit of knowledge to make some really dramatic moments happen in both good and bad situations.

I will post multiple scenarios if enough interest is generated here.


Hey guys, I haven’t really separated a time frame at the end of the session for GM critiques. I’d like to use this forum as sort of open mic type of deal for complaints / nit picks / suggestions. So far I haven’t received any, which I suppose is a good thing but I feel like that’s not possible lol.

Don’t feel like you’re gonna hurt my feelings or whatever, I just like to see or hear this type of feedback during new games or new rule-sets so I can focus on getting better.

Critiques for myself:

  • I’m still lost as to how the expectation of the game is supposed to be played or presented, both from the games perspective and you guys. I.E – Do you want a more true Star Wars feel (screen slides, light humor, quick action, quick scenes) or do we want it the way I have been managing it with some extras…or maybe none at all.
  • I need to master the rule-set better, I am working towards this by reading the book / rules now (everyday really)

Anyway, please let me know if you guys have anything; even if its a minor gripe or change. :D

Episode 1.5 and 1.6 - Trouble a'brewin
Fire it up.


  • The investigation went terribly.
  • Bril’han made a enemy of a child.
  • After showing the murder case/video to Ed, he spilled the beans on the COMPNOR Box.
  • Turns out that COMPNOR is something important for the New Order.
  • COMPNOR box was ripped off by the Black Sun and was asked to be smuggled in by Ed and his goons.
  • Ed was late on the shipment, so the Blacksun killed one of his girls. As a counter-attack Ed was planning on taking all the girls, selling the boxes and paying Gootaa off. He needed some skillful soldiers in the mix so he planned on bringing you guys. You guys agreed to it, but still did not know that 3PX was recording everything as a Gootaa spy.
  • Sius, a new NPC was introduced. He surrounded the place as the live recording caused Gootaa to send reinforcements to secure the COMPNOR boxes.
  • Sius was there to deliver a message and get the boxes back.
  • Corruption spread to the corruptible and everyone lied to the Black Sun and Gootaa by faking Ed’s death. His death was required to move on from the scene but Gootaa wanted the PC’s to handle the kill. With subtlety, 3PX switched his blaster to stun and mocked Ed’s death. Sius didn’t buy it but they all decided to play along to appease Gootaa. Sius, allegedy belonging to the Black Sun :P, decided it would be better to take the loss and minimally get his boxes returned. The faces of everyone agreed to the silence and let Ed live.
  • Poor Gootaa felt betrayed. His children stabbed him in the heart so he decided to lay out a punishment, but not before giving them a new task; the Heist.
  • The Heist details and map drawing will be posted later so Geran can see. A plan needs to be discussed and be ready for next Saturday! :D
  • You guys walked around, met some NPC’s at the bazaar/mall/market/shopping area. You met a new race; the Zheltrus who are weird as shit.

Loot & EXP

  • 10 EXP for Episode 1.5 and 10 EXP for 1.6. the initial 10 was already claimed by everyone except Geran.
  • 5 extra EXP for a very awesome/solid idea for Cody with the fake blaster idea.
  • 2 EXP Mandalauriann and Jess for some great strides in RP last night.

Performance Evaluation

  • I thought last night session was fun. I could see you guys were trying about the initial discussion. I do apologize if it seems like I’m harping, i’m not! I thought you guys all did very well and we had some cool scenes. Hopefully we get some cool plans from everyone for the Heist. Start discussing it with each other asap, maybe get a email string going or open a forum post here on the site…google talk conference, etc. I will be posting the Heist map (both floors) as well as some extra details to help you guys break in and get this object Gootaa wants.
The Heist - Bank Depot - S42-S17
Sector 42 - Subsection 17



The Overview

System 6 You are to break-in to a small bank depot. The depot doubles as a vault storage for the middle to upper sector class citizens. Citizens can pay for the use of a nearby vault through the Galactic Bank main branch offices. In vault 7, storage hold 74B there is an object stored there from a corporation known as Diak Synthetics. It is stored in what is called a vol-box. Vol-boxes are destroyed immediately when they are taken from a hard-coded proximity area. You are to steal this box and bring it back to Gootaa; you’re Lord and Master and loving Father.

The Details

There are currently three accessible areas that you can see from the holo-schematics.

  • Entry One, Air – Accessing the place from the Rooftop and going by way of ventilation systems.
  • Entry Two, Subterranean – Accessing the bank from beneath the plate-ways.
  • Entry Three, Ground – Accessing the bank from ground/plate level.

Note – there may be more entrances or ways to get in beyond these three obvious choices

The Problems

  • The place has (yellow triangle) turrets all over the parameter. They are medium range auto targeting turrets that can be manually controlled from the Master Terminal.
  • The turrets are anti-air and anti-personnel. They have three barrels and can swap between Ion Bursts, Stun or Lethal.
  • Each (red square) guard tower stands around 20 feet high and have auto/manual spot lights.
  • The (green dotted) laser fence is a double laser gate that surrounds the entire compound. There are inherit problems with these but serve as a large detriment to would be thieves.
  • The vol-box collapses/blows up if taken from the unknown proximity; effectively destroying the contents.

The Entry Problems

  • Each (orange) door is secured by a key-card and electronic lock.
  • The main Security (grey) gates open one at a time. One will only open if the other is closed.
  • Time management is a huge problem (Guard Response time / Back up response time / Security triggers)
  • Guards and their guns.
  • Turrets
  • Drill issues (if drilling from beneath)
  • Obtaining key card, potentially fooling/lying to the guards or disguising as someone else could lead to immediate failure.
  • No idea if this place has a back up generator or a hot-site for their security.
  • The incineration / cleanse of the sewer rodents.

The Boons

  • The main power cell for the entire 10 block power grid is located nearby.
  • The turrets are magnetized but omni-directional on a spherical apparatus
  • The turrets have no wires, meaning they are remote/wireless.
  • The ventilation system goes throughout the entire complex, but you have no idea of the security in place in the vaults.
  • It’s a small compound, response times may be lengthy..but who knows.
  • You have 7 days to complete the job and prep for it.
  • You have access to a large quantity of tools to get the job done, such as an Ion Rifle and a ship if roof access is desired.
  • There are easy entrances into the Plateway

The Task

  • You have this entire week to plan together for this heist. The way this works is you all need to discuss HOW you want to do this. You can go to impress Gootaa with a hail of gun fire or you can sneak in like ninjas. Please note – What is displayed here are NOT the only options. There are dozens of other ways that this can be accomplished. This is the initial report that System 6 is giving you.
  • Questions can be asked in the below comment boxes and I will respond accordingly. Once the interrogations are complete we will jump right into the Heist.
  • When it is all said and done I want an full inventory check of what you will be bringing to the heist. A light-side token flip for items will be locked out during this mission. What you bring is what you have.
  • There are ways to earn EXP for this collaboration that are hidden. EXP will be earned as a whole, not individually.
  • Failure to have a fleshed out job by the time RP arrives next week will result in you being faggots and 4 years will pass as you guys will not come up with a solution. :P
  • The key to making this job easier is by asking questions. There is SO much grey area / unmentioned things about this ENTIRE bank depot and its surroundings or tools used that can be discovered.
  • Remember to plan the heist how you want to do it from a cool perspective without regard to tools/trip ups, etc. This is your scene to show that your smuggling crew is more than just an asset. After you play the scene out how you want to do it or how cool you want to present it then worry about how to accomplish that or get to those points. Gootaa may not have 100% everything you want, but he has some janky stuff that can help you reach that goal! =)

please note failure to complete this objective will result in no more second chances from Gootaa. I typed this all up without spell check or grammatical checks so go stuff a dude if you see anything wrong with it.


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