Dead or missing are the ones who had any memory of what this place used to be like. Now its up to us to make sure no new memories escape.

At a Glance

  • Population of Residents – 200,000
  • Visitor Frequency – Low
  • Major(Only) City – Kernik the Formos Spaceport area
  • City POI – Atmosphere Baths, Turbine Aquifer
  • Region – Outer Rim / Sector – Kessel


Formos is a planet of forgotten people and dreams. It’s a place where the only reason anyone has ever heard of it is because it’s near Kessel; the prison planet.

It’s affiliations run deep into the Hutt Cartel and is more or less strong armed by the Empire into churning out waves of slaves or criminals.

Formos has a single Spaceport which serves as the primary “town”. It’s of decent size considering the small size of the planet and is primarily used for in between runs for refueling or restocking of Kessel slaves.

Formos has no sought after resource and most of the machines are used to draw stagnant water from the lower core of the planet. The aquifers have been tampered with lately and has caused an entry of sand and debris into the filtration system. It’s been this way for months and most have gotten used to it.

The Spaceport is owned by the Hutt Cartel, despite it being outside the Hutt Network. As a favor to the organization, a man named Bandin smuggled in some Core World medicine to save a dying Hutt who managed the place but Bandin was too late. Bandin has taken it upon himself to turn the Spaceport into his own HQ and has spent a considerable amount of credits filtering in a steady supply of new slaves on to Formos. Bandin has recently began excavating in the area as well. Most visitors mock him as Formos is a empty husk of a planet, but thousands of credits have been invested into his dead-end project.


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